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Biggest Loser Retreat: Day 5 (Jen's Blog)

Traveltalk's Jenny Rowland gets a taste of clean eating

6am MYSTERY bush walk this morning. Turns out there's this very steep hill. One that we have to run up and down fast 10 times.  It's a mystery to most of us as to how we will do this!! 


Once accomplished breakfast is a hearty omelette with mushrooms. My favourite so far. 


All The food here has been fantastic. Healthy nutritious and tasty and enough to convert any fast food junkie to clean food. 


1200 calories a day isn't many but they manage to pack a lot of flavour into each and every one. 
The executive chef David hunter is fanatical about "clean food" and is very dismissive of folk that site time poverty as an excuse for not cooking nourishing meals using fresh unprocessed ingredients. In 50 minutes he whips up an amazing chilli dip salmon spring rolls with a mushroom salad and a date and almond cake all from scratch. All healthy and delicious. His cooking demo earlier in the week drew record attendance when all the losers discovered they would get to taste his creations!


Have loved the food and certainly not felt deprived. 


Have also enjoyed the lectures on health, nutrition and the "five rights" you'll have to read the next bumper issue to read all about them and to find out if I lost the 4 kgs!! 


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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 9 December 2013

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