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Could this alcoholic ‘Vegemite’ be the ultimate Aussie souvenir?

We may argue, endlessly, over how to spread it. Maybe now we’ll argue over how to pour it too. It’s called ArchieMite and it may just be the best Aussie gift for the royal baby.


Distiller Archie Rose has introduced an experimental new spirit inspired by arguably Australia’s favourite breakfast spread.



It’s called ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit and is inspired by buttered, mitey toast. 


“We’ve created an unaged spirit like no other featuring freshly churned, uncultured Pepe Saya butter and Sonoma sourdough toast,” the company’s website reads.


This unaged spirit has a big, mitey character at the front followed by biscuity, bready notes. On the palate you’re given a combination of all three elements coming together - buttery, almost warm, crisp-edged toast with that umami-rich, savoury mite flavour.”


While probably not best taken at breakfast, the company claims the spirit is versatile enough “to sing in cocktails such as Mitey Marys and Espresso Mite-inis”.






60ml ArchieMite Buttered Toast

8 dashes Worcestershire sauce

6 dashes Tabasco sauce

10ml lemon juice

150ml tomato juice

Pinch salt

Cracked black pepper

If you’re feeling adventurous add your favourite extra hot sauces



As many salad items as you have lying around. Or a pickle.



Combine all ingredients over ice in a highball glass. Garnish enthusiastically.






60ml ArchieMite Buttered Toast

30ml espresso

15ml sugar syrup (1:1 sugar to water ratio)



Three coffee beans.



Shake all the ingredients, very hard with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add three coffee beans as garnish. Drink and revitalise.


Images: Archie Rose Distilling Company.


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Published: 14 May 2019

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