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Does my ‘BUT’ look big in this?

Why sometimes travellers need a shot of optimism

“It was a great trip, but—”

“The meal was amazing, but—”

“I had a personal butler, went where no one else could, slept in a room usually reserved for royalty, but—”


I’m not cool enough to be a cynic. The closest I can get is some Gen-Y sarcasm and retweeting someone else’s cutting remark (of course I’ll always add a smiley face at the end).


But sometimes I’ll be chatting to a But-ter (see quotes above to learn how to spot their birdcall) and it feels like they’re choking my inner child with tales of the Easter Bunny shooting Santa and his elves while feasting on his reindeer.


Because there’s just no pleasing some people.


When my nephew was two we took him to a wildlife park and after pointing out a tonne of amazing creatures to him, he stopped us and pointed excitedly at…a pigeon. Forget the wombat rescued from the carcass of its mother just weeks old, the pigeon, in Luke’s eyes, was the star of the day.


We need to find the metaphorical pigeons on our travels.


If you’re really unhappy with something, complain constructively. Try and get the problem sorted then and there so that you can get on with enjoying yourself.


If you work in the travel industry, remember enthusiasm sells. You’re selling the dream and preventing the nightmare.


And if all else fails, add a smiley face.

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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 5 November 2013

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