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Don’t plan a working holiday until you read this

From working a winter season in Canada, volunteering with wildlife in Africa, au pairing in London, and teaching English in Asia, there’s no doubt that a working holiday is a popular way to see the world without breaking the bank. 


Whether it be helping you choose the right destination, occupation or even accommodation, youth travel experts, The Global Work & Travel Co. make planning a working holiday easy. 



Jessica Wilkinson, a high school teacher from Australia who is currently an APair in London, says that following your heart (and your interests) is the easiest way to choose what working holiday will suit you best.


“I wanted to visit the places that I taught my students about in my English and history classes and I wanted to immerse myself in a different culture,” Miss Wilkinson said.


“The main trigger was that I desperately needed a gap year and this opportunity fulfilled everything like working with kids, travelling and experiencing culture and history.”


Jessica said that organising her trip with one of Global’s Trip Coordinators streamlined the planning process and helped her feel more confident and open to new adventures.


“Ask as many questions as you need to; go for it! It doesn’t matter how long or short your trip is, every moment of it will shape you positively,” she said



Working holidaymaker Lucas Jaeschke is presently on a working holiday in Vancover and recommends choosing a holiday that will not only broaden your skill set, but also get you out of your comfort zone.


"I have always wanted to see more places around the world and meet people from different cultures to gain a greaterawareness and cultural understanding,” Mr Jaeschke said. 


Lucas suggests considering a travel plan that will offer personal fulfilment, whilst also improving your knowledge and skills.


Be as explorative as you can, as every day and every experience offers you a new perspective, whether it’s good or bad,” he said.


Don’t get too caught up in your day-to-day plans and try and be flexible; the best memories come from the adventures you don’t plan.” 



CEO of The Global Work & Travel Co., Jürgen Himmelmann says that their customers decide to use their service to take the stress out of planning a working holiday.


For many of our travellers it’s the first time they are visiting an overseas location so they rest easy knowing they have someone they can reach out to if they need help securing a job or a place to live when they are overseas,” Jürgen said.


Our team are there to assist the process of travellers making their way to the other side of the world and offer support and guidance all the way through until they decide to head home. 


The Global Work & Travel Co. assists travellers in choosing an appropriate destination, obtain a working visa and pre-arrival assistance, book flights, organise travel insurance and accommodation options. This ensures travellers have all the tools they need to feel like a local in their chosen country. 


Top Tips for Working Overseas

• Prepare your paperwork

• Get the right travel insurances 

• Pack with intention

• Start building relationships before you leave

• Contact The Global Work & Travel Co. for advice


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Published: 13 August 2019

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