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Frequent travellers appeal to male lovelorn

Poll reveals constant absences not a hindrance to finding love

At a gig last night, as the crowd called out their undying love for the band (there was a lot of blokemance going on), I got to thinking about what it would mean to be a rockstar WAG (a term used to describe the wives and girlfriends of high profile sportsmen etc): the constant absences, the fear of groupies, having no idea how to launder leather pants…


But then I realised that both my partner and I travel separately a lot and while it might not be as rockstars, the same concerns regarding trust and laundry (sans leather pants) still apply. Yes, there are times it sucks (like when you fall asleep while Skyping), but there are positives too.



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Perhaps it’s these positives that make dating a frequent business traveller appealing to the single among us.


According to a recent poll by mobile dating service, Meetville, 71 percent of the 9,495 polled, would happily date a frequent business traveller.


Interestingly, almost three quarters of this 71 percent were males.


So ladies, if you travel a lot for work, talk it up on your next date or change your online profile to reflect your absence. Because nothing makes the heart grow fonder (except maybe dating a rockstar).


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 3 November 2014

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