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FRESH FACES: CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park's Laura Reddaway

New CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park Conference & Events Sales Manager LAURA REDDAWAY shares with us the key to a successful venue and how CENTREPIECE reflects Australia's events capital at every turn. She's also given us her very original top travel tip.


Where was the last place you travelled and where would you like to go next? 

Last year I was lucky enough to spend four weeks relaxing and travelling through the Greek Islands, Puglia and Northern Italy. It’s a trip that I’ve reminisced on far too much during iso – looking back through old photos of Mediterranean dishes and scenic beaches. I also started sharing stories of “this day last year”, so certainly have a bit more time on my hands than usual.

For my next trip, I'd love to spend some time making the most of Regional Victoria. I’ve got my eyes set on Gippsland and the Yarra Valley, and going on a taste-tour to try all the beautiful spring produce. Then it’s straight to Broome in Western Australia to make the most of the beach. 


Why did you take up the role as Conference & Events Sales Manager for CENTREPIECE?     

As an events specialist there was so much to love about this new venue and its surrounding precinct. 

Firstly, it represents the heart of Melbourne’s sporting and entertainment culture, home to some of the most iconic and versatile events in Australia and the world – I mean, enough said! 

CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park also encapsulates everything I love about our city, including its community, people and marvellous event moments.  


Tell us something people might not know about CENTREPIECE?  

I think guests will be surprised at just how integrated the space is with its Melbourne surroundings – it truly plays homage to our beautiful city and its culture.  

Every touch point has been designed to connect to Melbourne, whether it’s a physical or emotive link in each room and space. An example of this is CENTREPIECE’s expansive windows and outdoor terraces that bring the outside in. It creates a seamless pairing between its civic design and Australian native landscape.



Tell us one thing that’s coming up at CENTREPIECE that’s got you excited.

Well, while it may seem obvious...our grand opening next year! CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park has had such an incredible journey throughout its development, and to be able to join the team in the final leg is so rewarding, as well as exciting.


What makes a successful venue? 

A successful venue, particularly in today’s current climate, needs flexibility. The beauty of events is that they are ever-changing and a venue needs to be able to adapt with both the times and the client’s vision. 

The same applies for larger venues, such as CENTREPIECE. We’ve designed the build so it can be flexible in hosting intimate dinners, outdoor galas or large-scale conferences – and all, seamlessly. 

On top of flexibility, you also need a stellar team. No venue can be successful without an entire team’s dedication, passion and creativity to bring events to life. 


How has COVID-19 changed the way you will operate? 

As CENTREPIECE is opening next year, we are spending this time preparing for our future clients and also listening to our industry.  

We have already learnt a lot from our venue siblings, and are constantly looking at areas that we can not only improve but also innovate. 


What’s your top travel tip? 

My top travel trip is one that I’ve been living by for a few years now. Book the first two nights and the last two nights of your holiday and let the rest unfold as you travel. You never know where you will end up or what great tips you will get from locals or other travellers along the way! 



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Written by: Laura Reddaway as told to Traveltalk
Published: 11 October 2020

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