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FRESH FACES: G Adventures’ Matt Drummond

Much like his new company, G Adventures’ new Director of Sales for Australia/NZ loves to get off the beaten path. So where’s he off to next?

Where is the last place you’ve travelled?

If you mean personal holiday, the last international trip I took was to Northern Pakistan. I was lucky enough to experience a two-week motorbike adventure along the Karakoram Highway, through the Hunza Valley region with a buddy of mine (who's likely reading this right now!).

Whilst Pakistan won't likely be on many peoples 'to do lists' I can honestly say it was one of the best travel experiences I have had to date. Hope to get back there one day for some trekking!



Where are you going next?

As 2019 is my mother’s milestone birthday (one that happens to start with the number that comes after 5), I'm planning a family trip to East Africa because it's been a lifelong dream of hers to see tigers in their natural habitat.  

Realising that could be an expensive disappointment for her; so I'm hoping she'll settle for the Big 5 instead, onboard one of our National Geographic Journeys trips through Tanzania.


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels? 

I always take a power board. Traveling with so many devices - from phones, GoPros, cameras, kindles etc - you never know how many wall sockets you will have access to in hotel rooms.

So I always have a power board to ensure I can charge everything if I only have limited time in the room before setting off again.


Why did you move to G Adventures? 

I always had a thirst for traveling off the beaten track, so I was initially drawn to the extensive product offering. At the time (10 years ago), G Adventures was relatively unknown in the Australian and New Zealand adventure travel sector and only worked with a few key partners across the retail trade space.

The challenge of taking a relatively unknown brand in the market and being part of a team who were tasked with driving brand awareness was something that really appealed to me. Combining this with a fundamental belief that what we do has the power to change the world by investing in the communities and environments our travellers visit, it was a brand that I just had to be part of.


Tell us something people might not know about the company? 

As leaders in responsible travel, we believe it’s our duty to be transparent about how often we use local services in each of our trips. 

So in 2019, we've introduced a tour evaluation tool called The Ripple Score. This enables travellers to see what percentage of money G Adventures spends locally on the trip services, such as accommodation, restaurants and transport. It was developed in consultation with Sustainable Travel International.

As well as educating our travellers on the positive impact they can have through travel, we want to drive the industry forward so we can all become more accountable for our local and social impact.


What’s your top travel tip? 

My top tip would be to travel by yourself at least once in your life. We've all travelled with partners, colleagues, family and friends, which is fantastic to create and share memories together.

Travelling on your own will enable you to discover more about yourself and offer a real-life changing experience, forcing you to step outside of your comfort zone in so many ways.


Written by: MATT DRUMMOND as told to Traveltalk
Published: 16 February 2019

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