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FRESH FACES: Malaysia Airlines’ Giles Gilbert

New Australia & NZ Regional Manager for Malaysia Airlines, GILES GILBERT, is back at the carrier. Here’s why, plus one or two things you may not know about MH.


1. Where is the last place you’ve travelled?

Myanmar. I spent a glorious two weeks travelling on local transport from Yangon to Bagan, Lake Inle and then spent some time relaxing in Ngapali on the beach. Amazing people, so friendly and welcoming.


2. Where are you going next?

Japan. I worked for one of the Japanese Airlines for several years and managed to go several times for work, but this time it’s pure holiday. Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and visiting some friends who live up there.


3. Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels?

As long as you have a passport and credit card, anything else you need can be bought. The one thing I highly recommend is a multi USB charger with an international plug adapter built in. We are all so connected to electronic gadgets that at nighttime there are always multiple things to charge, and I have a 6-port USB charger that does the trick.


4. Why did you move to Malaysia Airlines Australia?

I was at MH for 15 years and only left in 2014. The company has had a lot of change and I believe it’s back on track and ready to expand. The product is great and the service is truly friendly and welcoming. 


Kudat, Malaysia


“I have lots of plans and want to partner with the trade closely as they are our sales team and need to be recognised as such.”


5. Tell us something people might not know about the airline?

Our Extra Legroom seats are only a small additional cost but provide much more space onboard as well as a better recline and small private cabin area. A great way to get your clients on that special trip with that extra bit of comfort for very little cost. I highly recommend offering our extra legroom upgrade, as its only a small additional amount on top of what are already very competitive airfares.


6. What’s the main thing consumers should know about the carrier?

Its amazing how few people realise that MH is a member of oneworld, which means you can earn both Qantas Frequent Flyer points and status credits, along with all the other benefits oneworld brings. You can also use Enrich, which is MH’s own frequent flyer points system to earn points on both MH and all other oneworld airlines. Everyone loves points!


7. What’s your top travel tip?

In the words of Nike, just do it. Travel, eat and stay locally as much as possible, and get to know the people and what they do in the places you travel to. I cant sit on a beach for more than a few hours during a holiday and need to be out and about seeing and doing whatever I can.


Written by: Giles Gilbert as told to Mark Harada
Published: 30 January 2019

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