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FRESH FACES: Rocky Mountaineer MD Steve Maksymyk

Rocky Mountaineer‘s new Managing Director, Sales - International STEVE MAKSYMYK gives us his top travel tip for the Rockies and the thing he’s most excited about for Rocky Mountaineer in 2020.


Where is the last place you travelled and where are you going next? 

My last leisure trip was to Shanghai with my wife and young son to visit friends.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Mexico for some R&R at Christmas and looking at other Latin American destinations in the new year for an adventure - Colombia is on the bucket list for 2020.


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels? 

Running shoes.  I do everything I can to stay fit on the road. 

Running in new cities is always fun and a great way to be mindful and present even when you have a hectic work schedule.


Why did you take up this role?

Rocky Mountaineer is a fantastic brand with global recognition particularly in our key markets. 

The thoughtfulness of the experience Rocky Mountaineer creates (I believe) will resonate for decades to come, providing great opportunities to grow with the company. 

Rocky Mountaineer is recognised as having a great internal culture which was critical to my next career choice. 

The role itself is dynamic covering EMEA, APAC and Greater China, providing ample opportunity to drive a global business and enter new markets.


Tell us something you’re excited about for Rocky Mountaineer in 2020.

I am always excited to see delighted travelers and I have no doubt this will continue as we greet them at our station in Vancouver in 2020. I think this is the magic of Rocky Mountaineer.

I am also excited to work with my new international team and help them work with our partners around the world.


What’s the one thing travellers should know about Rocky Mountaineer?

Brochures, websites and videos could never adequately exemplify the warmth and amazing service provided by Rocky Mountaineer’s onboard hosts and guest experience staff.  You just cannot understand this until you try it!


What’s your top travel tip for the Rockies? 

Travelling in the autumn when snow can be present, greenery is still there, and it is quieter. It can be cold so make sure you bring the right jacket!

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Written by: Steve Maksymyk as told to Traveltalk
Published: 26 November 2019

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