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Fresh Faces: TildaTravel CEO Mark Tarring

MARK TARRING, CEO of newly launched TildaTravel, shares with us the story behind the company’s name and vision, and where it’s going next.


1. Where is the last place you’ve visited? 

The UK was the last place I visited as part of a business trip.

I can't wait for hypersonic flights that can do it in less than the thirty hours that it currently takes.

Flying Qantas business class does make it a bit easier though.


2. Where are you going to next? 

My next trip will be to New Zealand as we are getting ready to launch TildaTravel in New Zealand!


3. Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take on your travels with you. 

My phone so I can keep in contact with my family. TildaTravel's data led global SIM card also means I avoid bill shock when I get home.


4. Why did you start Tilda Travel? 

Booking travel online is too hard. I wanted to replicate the high street experience in an online one stop shop melding financial services and travel into traveltech.

Our innovative API based platform allows our customers to book everything in one place.

Particular focus has been given to modern families given the troubles I've experienced trying to book a holiday with four kids.


5. Tell us something people should know about Tilda? 

TildaTravel is named for my youngest daughter. Tilda is six years old and is very excitable particularly when it comes to holidays.

Many weeks beforehand the fun of 'how many sleeps left' begins. I think it's a shame that as we grow up we lose some of that excitement and anticipation.

I am trying to resurrect that feeling for parents, particularly removing the pain of booking their next family holiday.


6. What’s your top travel tip? 

Remember, anything higher than a four star hotel has toiletries at reception so don't worry if you forget your toothbrush or toothpaste.


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Written by: Mark Tarring as told to Traveltalk
Published: 25 April 2019

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