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Highlights of Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan with Tempo Holidays

Explore the past and present of Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan with Tempo Holidays, tailor-made specialists on their new ultimate 14 day escorted small group tour. This unique tour gives travellers the opportunity to explore and get off the beaten track and discover lands that have centuries of rich history and ancient traditions that wind together with the modern way of life. Wander through the cities to ancient villages and uncover hidden gems such as Tbilisi, Baku, and Yerevan where you will see such important historical sites and meet friendly locals. 



Starting in Azerbaijanknown as the Land of Fire, due to the trio of skyscrapers called the Flame Towers that dominate the skyline, this country is neither Europe or Asia and is a central point of historical empires and 21st century architecture. The old city is filled with alleys, Mosques and Palaces with some listed among UNESCOs World Heritage Sites. Although this city is brimming with historical sites, it also hosts varied cultural and art activies as well as bustling business and shopping districts. 


The next stop on this 14-day tour is Georgia, where you will see how their long history has created a beautiful heritage of architecture that ranges from cities in caves, cathedrals and medieval defensive towers that can be spotted throughout the country. Georgia is a unique country that has deep gorges and snowy peaks and makes a great experience to meet and have a meal with the locals who have made a claim to be the birthplace of wine. 


Lastly, but not least, Armenia, home of the safest and most delicious water on the world with the secret being the pure natural sources that it comes from.  Armenians are some of the most hospitable people around and can been known to invite complete strangers into their home and treat you to a variety of homecooked delights. Armenia does not disappoint with its breathtaking natural beauty filled will mountains, rivers and lush forests for you to explore. 


This captivating small group tour will take you through these three amazing countries and will leave you captivated by the welcoming locals and in awe of the beauty that can all be seen away from overpopulated tourist hot spots. This tour includes fascinating yet relatively unexplored parts of the world that was once home to the Silk Roads. Tempo Holidays, the tailor-made specialists, are destination experts and have been building itineraries to suit travellers needs for 29 years. Call Tempo Holidays on 1300 558 987 or contact your local travel agent.

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Published: 14 June 2019

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