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How to be a more eco-friendly hotel guest

We know Traveltalk readers love doing their bit for the environment, so here are 7 tips on how you can become a more eco-friendly hotel guest.

As climate change becomes increasingly impactful on tourism, and life generally, hotels and resorts have in recent years upped their game in tackling the issue. Think reductions in waste, energy and water conservation, and even passing on leftover food to those who need it. 


Likewise, the hotel guest should be equally, or even more engaged in lessening their footprint. 



Here’s how you can help:


  1. Turn off the air-conditioning - You travel to a warm country for the warmth. So why not enjoy it? By turning off the air-con, you’ll be saving HEAPS of electricity as well as improving your health. We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy a nice blast of A/C once in a while, but if you’re sleeping with a doona, you shouldn’t be using the air-conditioning.  


  1. Use the do not disturb sign - By giving housekeeping a break during your stay, you’re saving on cleaning chemicals, energy and human resources. Do you really need to have your towels washed everyday, or even worse, your bedsheets?  


  1. Turn off lights etc - As you would at home, turn off the bathroom light when you’re not using it, the television when you’re not watching it and anything else you may be using without good reason. You could even consider switching off the mini-bar fridge if there’s nothing perishable inside.


  1. Conserve water - You would’ve seen the signs in just about every hotel you stay in, asking guests to consider the environment when using water. So take note and don’t waste H2O by taking unnecessarily long showers or leaving the water running while brushing your teeth. If you’re really keen, you can even consider letting your yellow mellow... (if you know what we mean). 



  1. Don’t let your eyes win over your stomach - Food wastage is a major problem around the world, particularly in western cultures. And it can be no different (or worse) in a hotel. So during your breakfast buffet, or even a la carte dinner, don’t leave a pile of untouched food on your plate. Remember, waste not, want not...


  1. Reduce, recycle... - Set aside recycling in your room rather than throw it in the rubbish bin. And if the trash can in your hotel room has a plastic liner, consider not even using it at all.


  1. Choose an eco-friendly hotel and destination - With so many eco-lodges around, it’s never been easier to find a hotel or resort whose main purpose is to offer amazing stays and experiences that leave little footprint. If you can’t find a bona-fide eco-property, at least choose one with solid sustainability initiatives in place, such as single-use plastic-free hotels, properties that work with local communities to plant trees, or even just hotels with a lot of plant life.


Do you have any other tips? Let us know...


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 7 June 2019

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