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How to skip queues to major attractions (and not get punched in the face)

In every civilised society there are queues (though researchers claim baboons like a good queue too). But queues can take from valuable holiday time. So how do you skip the queue and live to tell the tale?

The queue was already creeping down the street when we got there. The temperature had yet to hit double digits and I, dressed for a day at the museum, was not properly attired for waiting in the cold. 




Yet wait we must. For croissants. With visitors who claimed that it’s a particularly Melbourne thing to wait in line for food (bah, humbug this is ex-Sydneysider writes), I questioned what my life had come to. I hate queues and do what I can to studiously avoid them. 




This aversion to standing in line for something has meant that when travelling I’ve sometimes missed out on a ‘must-see’. But no more.


TripAdvisor, while promoting its Skip-the-Line tickets for popular attractions around the world, approached YouTube prankster Zac Alsop to cut in line in front of polite UK queue-standers.



Alsop tried a number of techniques to jump the queue:


- Getting consent

- Confusion

- Distraction

- Straight up doing it boldly

- Ignoring the hatred


According to research commissioned by TripAdvisor and backed by a British behavioural psychologist, Australians are a relatively polite people, who would rather seethe silently should a queue jumper mess with the rules of society. 



Here are the top queue jumping techniques and reactions according to TripAdvisor’s research:




  1. The ‘open invitation’ (31%) – if there is space between people queuing, act as if you think the gap is at the end of the queue and join the line there
  1. The 'hard stare' (50%) - give your most disgusted stare forcefully... into the back of the skipper's head
  1. The ‘chat and cut’ (24%) – start up a conversation with someone in a good spot in the line
  1. The 'boiler' (46%) - don't say anything but the whole encounter makes your blood boil
  1. The 'sorry, sorry, sorry' (23%) - apologise in a flurry so people in the queue let you in
  1. The 'kill them with kindness' (41%) - smile sweetly while clearly and loudly directing them to where they must have missed the back of the queue
  1. The 'I'm going to be late' (21%) - tell a lie so people think that you are in a rush and let you push in
  1. The 'tut tut' (38%) - you don't confront the skipper, but tut and make rude comments under your breath
  1. The 'I just have a quick question' (19%) - walk to the front under the guise of asking the staff a question but continue to wait at the front
  1. The ‘confronter’ (33%)- call out the queue jumper and berate them


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 20 July 2018

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