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How to travel light and look awesome

Modern travel is a real challenge. Do you pick a huge case full of stuff and risk spending hours at the airport waiting for it to arrive or do you skimp on the packing and travel light but at the risk of missing something important when you get where you’re going?



The good news is that there’s no need to make this kind of choice. It’s perfectly possible to pack a getaway bag that’s light, walks onto the plane with you and won’t let you down when you reach your destination. You can look great, without carrying the kitchen sink everywhere you go.



Before we hit up the “what to pack” list for clothes and accessories. It’s a good idea to touch on the essential items for international travel. They don’t take up much space but you will need them:

·         Your passport

·         Your tickets

·         Health/Travel Insurance details

·         Any visas and supporting documentation

·         A small handful of passport photos

·         Money (at least a little in local currency)

·         Credit/Debit Cards

·         Guidebooks

·         Smartphone (including a map app)

·         International Driver’s Permit (if needed)

·         Emergency contact list (including embassy contact, people at home, etc.)


We know people that carry more paperwork when they go away but we think that’s excessive. This will keep you going just fine wherever you are in the world.



To keep your packing light but effective; we recommend a bunch of travel clothes that you choose in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched to great effect without taking up huge amounts of space.

·         Travel underwear (quick drying – 2 pairs). Wash one, wear one.

·         Travel bras (x 2).

·         A bathing suit.

·         Merino wool trousers and/or skirt. Light, they don’t wrinkle, and they almost never need washing.

·         A Skarong. An ultra-fashionable sarong-style travel item with a huge number of versatile looks when wearing it.

·         2 x wrinkle-free shirts/blouses.

·         2 x pairs of socks (not cotton – choose something more hard wearing).

·         1 x pair of walking sandals/shoes.

·         A fleece/jacket if necessary for your destination.

·         A plastic poncho to keep you dry in a storm.

·         A travel hat to keep the sun off your head (if needed).


And that’s about it. You can, of course, wear much of this on to the plane, so the load in your bag is next to nothing.


It’s worth remembering that you can’t take makeup onto the plane on many flights, particularly anything liquid, so you may want to pick up the basics when you arrive rather than cramming it in with your clothes.


If you find that you desperately need something when you arrive, you can always pick it up but we’ve found that this super travel kit is not only light weight but can be paired endlessly to make you look fantastic at nearly every occasion overseas. 


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Published: 6 May 2019

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