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How to travel with little to no money


The Big Question

The holidays are here, and we probably all want to be away from our ‘usual’ locations, to experience the feeling of being somewhere new. This is completely understandable, until we ask ourselves: “Can I afford to take a trip?”. 

Unless you’re planning to use a time machine, win big using True Blue casino no deposit bonus, or someone else is paying for your holiday, you’ll need a lot of money to go on vacation. But you likely won’t need as much as you think you would, especially if you plan your trip well.


Do I Need to Plan for a Trip?

The simple answer is YES. Not because travelling spontaneously is wrong, but because it’s only a good option when you have the luxury of large funds. 

If that isn’t in the picture, you’ll need to create a careful plan, including where you intend to go, how long you will be staying, your accommodation, things to do, places to visit, transportation, unplanned expenses and emergencies. 

Planning a trip helps you make the most of it, but it is more necessary when you are working with a budget.


What is Traveling on a Budget?

There’s no clear definition. Simply put, it is about setting aside a certain amount of money for your trip and planning for everything within that amount. We all work to be able to pay bills, afford life’s necessities, and indulge ourselves once in a while. But money experts would say the golden rule of finance is to living according to your means. 

If you budget your needs based on what you earn, then it’s necessary to do the same whenever you want to travel. Here are some reasons you should travel on a budget:

  • Travelling on a budget helps make your trip well-organised, financially and otherwise
  • In the case of travelling across countries, it enables you to pinpoint your ticket options 
  • It allows you to estimate of your accommodation, meals, transportation and other expenses prior to leaving home
  • It helps you understand your travel priorities
  • It gives you foresight and allows you to save 


Tips on How to Travel on a Low Budget


  • Weigh alternative options

When travelling on very little, it is important to always weigh alternative options regarding transportation or accommodation. For instance, if you have the option of taking a train, or bus to your destination instead of taking a flight, you should consider taking it. Or you could choose to drive if it’s a relatively close destination. 

Have you also considered travelling with friends, family, or colleagues? This definitely lowers the cost of a trip as opposed to travelling on one’s own. And there’s no crime in choosing to make your own meals. 

More often than not, alternative options will help you save when travelling on a lower budget.


  • Pick an inexpensive destination

If you are travelling on a shoestring, ensure your choice of destination is suited to your budget. Basically, select affordable locations. 

You can do this by crossing off expensive places while searching for destinations and narrowing down your options to the cheaper ones. 


  • Find out about freebies

Who doesn’t like free things? For instance, if you intend to go sightseeing during your trip, ask about places that offer free walking tours. Then all you’ll pay for your excursion is a tip. 

Museums, opera theatres, and even cinemas also give good discounts and even free entry on occasions. But this will mean you’ll have to be open to talking to the locals to get tips on how and where you can get things for free or at a very low cost. 

Give this a go on your next trip and you’ll discover how easily you can stay within your maximum budget and even save money. Alternatively, getting a lucky break with a massive payout from rewarding games like True Blue bingo can save you the travel hassle.


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Published: 16 December 2020

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