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How to turn pricey airport parking into profit

The Aussie start-up working for travellers

Before you say ‘not another travel-related start-up’, this one is actually pretty cool. And it’s Australian born to boot.


The concept behind Carhood is pretty simple: to rent out your car while you’re away, thereby losing expensive airport parking fees and gaining income instead. Told you. Pretty cool, and simple.



“Why drive your car to the airport and pay exorbitant parking fees to have it sitting there when you can be making money from it instead,” Carhood founder and CEO Steven Johnson said.


“I came up with the idea while I was on a holiday. I parked my car at Melbourne airport and then flew to Sydney and stayed at an Airbnb. It occurred to me while I was staying in someone else’s house while they were away, that I should be allowing someone else to use my car for a fee while I was away – and so I developed the idea into a business.


“When a vehicle owner checks their car into Carhood, they receive free airport parking, money from the rental and a nice clean car when they return.  And the vehicle is fully covered by insurance as well.”


According to Johnson, the renter also benefits from significantly cheaper rates.


“Our rental rates are up to 60% less than traditional car rental companies,” he said.


“So not only are we helping people to make money, we are saving people money as well. In fact, most vehicle owners make and save around $350 every time they use Carhood.”


Carhood launched in 2015 and currently has locations at airports in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Expansion plans include other Aussie locations like Perth, Cairns and the Gold Coast, while the business is also eying international destinations such as Korea, Japan, UK and US. 


To be considered, cars need only “be registered in Australia, be in good working order, be no more than 14 years of age and have a maximum of 200,000 on the odometer”.


While you mull it all over, enjoy this hilarious take on the sharing economy, courtesy of Portlandia.



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 March 2018

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