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Hugh Jackman v Chris Hemsworth: how to pick the best travel companion

The first travel decision you make is likely with whom you’re travelling. From here, budgets, destinations, and so on come. But how do you choose the best travel companion?



Some trips away are better suited to already knowing someone so well that having to share a small bathroom when you’re both suffering from food poisoning won’t ruin the relationship. That said, little else can bring people together more than vomiting into the same loo.



Travel rarely goes as expected. There are always little hiccups and stresses impacting your mood and the mood of who you’re travelling with. So make sure you’re travelling with someone whose ability to deal with these things blends well with yours. If you’re likely to go into meltdown when the flight’s delayed pick someone who’ll calm you down rather than exacerbate the situation. 



Similarly, ensure you’re travelling with someone who is happy to eat where you eat and splurge where you’ll splurge. Money woes can break relationships fast, so make sure you’re all agreed on the budget front BEFORE you go.



While opposites attract they don’t always make for the best travelling companions. Unless you can agree on at least SOME shared passions, you may want to consider picking someone else. That’s not to say you have to do everything together, but at least being able to agree on a restaurant helps.



Check you’re on the same timetable. Some travellers like to be out the door at sunlight, other like to party until then. Sleeplessness makes for a grumpy travel companion so make sure you’re on the same side of the twenty four hour clock.



Travel with Hugh Jackman. New research from online travel insurance provider InsureandGo has revealed Hugh Jackman was the most sought after Aussie celeb travel partner, with one in three (34%) Australians picking him as their top travel partner, followed by Chris Hemsworth (13%), Jennifer Hawkins (10%), Margot Robbie (7%), Delta Goodrem (6%) and Karl Stefanovic (3%).


But if you really had to choose between Hemsworth and Jackson, surely you’d just cut your losses and pick the middle seat between them?!


Written by: Traveltalk
Published: 30 April 2018

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