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Hunting the light (and dinner) with Hurtigruten

And how to get distracted by the food

I will definitely be carrying excess baggage when I get off this ship. I've been kidding myself that I need the extra calories to keep warm. This is true ... But probably not quite as many as I've indulged in. 


Being a fish fanatic (with a particular penchant for eggs benedict and smoked salmon) I have been lucky enough to experience a  great variety of fish and seafood all over the world, but Norway definitely takes the gold medal with the freshest, tastiest most succulent king crab, cray, mussels, scallops prawns, cod and an abundance of salmon.



Norway's coastal waters are home to over 200 varieties of fish and seafood, so if you're a fish lover, culinary heaven awaits you on a Hurtigruten cruise. Everything is fresh and sourced at ports of call along the way. The king crab we were treated to was brought on board by a local fisherman still wriggling (the crab that is,  not the fisherman). He was a whopper! 


This mega crustacean was devoured at dinner along with a huge seafood buffet. 


The standard fare on a Hurtigruten cruise is buffet breakfast and lunch. I hate/love buffets as I always overindulge and this was no exception  Along with the seafood options there's plenty of meat - I tried reindeer for the first time and I would have enjoyed it more if I could only have deleted the bambi images from my mind. Delicious soups, salads and desserts ensure there is something for everyone. 



For a small supplement you can upgrade to the "coastal kitchen" a la carte menu for dinner which is as good as any Michelin star restaurant. The Swedish head chef Anders Goransson, explained that the coastal kitchen is based on seasonal concepts: “hunting the light” (winter), “Arctic awakening” (spring), “midnight sun” (summer), “autumn gold” (fall)- sounds as poetic as his food tastes.


There is a very good international wine list to complement the food and I might add we were all complimenting the food by the end of the cruise!!

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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 30 November 2015

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