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Interview: What agents need to know about Travelzoo

Here we talk to Jacqui Timmins, GM Travelzoo Australia, about a company that boasts 28 million members worldwide and how it can help agents better service their clients.

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What is Travelzoo?

We are an independent travel deals media publisher that negotiates and publishes only the strongest holiday, cruise, hotel, restaurant, spa and entertainment deals from high-quality companies.

As a business partner we help agents and suppliers to reach engaged travellers by driving great deals to assist in filling capacity when needed and deliver a great return of investment.


What are some common misconceptions about Travelzoo?

The number one misconception we come across is that many believe we are either an OTA, group buying or deal comparison site. We are not in competition with agents, but rather we love working with industry partners to enhance their business.


How can you help agents?

There is a massive opportunity for agents to leverage the work of our Deal Experts to enhance their clients’ travel by providing incremental value-adds. We can be a time saver, source of inspiration and great benchmarking research tool.

Any agent can book any of our deals for their clients, including our exclusive offers for products ranging from travel to hotels to gateways and experiences. As a result, the agent provides a great product and has the choice to charge a client service fee.

In the process of curating a client itinerary we can also enhance their experience at a local level in most cities worldwide due to our global Travelzoo network. For example, if you have a client visiting New York, there are amazing local deals available for you to book such as a dinner or river tour on their behalf at the touch of a button.




How do you ensure your deals are the best?

By working closely with our clients around the world, our Deal Experts research thousands of deals every week and use our Test Booking Centre to ensure all our published deals are available and easy to book.

To get listed on Travelzoo the offer must be the best in the market – no amount of advertising guarantees a place on Travelzoo.


Tell us about Travelzoo’s members and the benefits of joining.

We have more than 670,000 members in Australia and 28 million worldwide and it’s free for them to join. This means you can rest assured that we only present our members with offers that have passed a rigorous review and test booking by our Deal Experts. We take the heavy lifting out of the research involved in finding the best deal.


How has Travelzoo evolved in Australia?

Globally, Travelzoo has 25 offices in 11 countries. Here in Sydney we have a highly talented team that brings experience from across the travel and media sectors. I joined Travelzoo Australia as GM in 2017 and I am confident in the team we have in place and our ability to continue to grow and succeed in Australia.


Written by: Jacqui Timmins as told to Jon Underwood
Published: 28 April 2018

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