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Is travel Tinder’s older, cooler sibling?

Young travellers turning to travel for romance

So you already have something in common: a love, or at least like, of a particular place, and perhaps travel in general. That’s how you both ended up here, right? So what’s so implausible about finding love – real love – while on holiday?


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It seems more and more people are turning to travel to find their life partner, and millennials are no different.


According to a recent study by youth travel specialists, Topdeck Travel, one in eight millennial men hope to start a new relationship whilst on vacation, while one in eleven “postgraduate travellers” actually succeed. Moreover, some of the 1,500 people who the site surveyed apparently even got married, UPROXX reported.


However, women were less hopeful of finding love on the road, with only 1 in 20 females hopeful of finding their significant other whilst travelling.


“More inundated with technology and apps than ever before, Millennials are seeking alternative dating options that offer the authentic experience and in-person chemistry that technology cannot provide,” TopDeck Travel said in a statement.


With this in mind, over one third of Millennials (37%) are now willing to give up dating in order to save money for travel, with women (41%) more willing to make the sacrifice than men (32%). And TopDeck suggests it may be because that’s actually where they’re looking for love.


The poll found Paris to be the most popular place for marriage proposals.


“The thought of finding a life partner was not something I ever imagined would happen, but after travelling together it was clear we shared the same interests and sense for adventure that sparked our relationship,” Topdeck traveller Yvonne Gottschalk said of her experience of meeting husband, John, on a trip to Russia & Scandinavia back in 1984.


“The trip was truly life changing.”


Have you ever fallen in love while travelling?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 March 2016

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