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It's official! Melbourne has better eats than Sydney (and Italy)

My family and friends approved our move to Melbourne with the expectation that we’d move back to Sydney eventually. They did not count on Melbourne's laksa. Whenever we depart Sydney, a bit heartsick, it is laksa that gets us through. And it seems travellers agree.


According to recent data, when it comes to good food destinations, Melbourne takes the (strawberry shag) cake (at Beatrix Bakery). 


Ranking sixth in the world, above Italian cities and the likes of Singapore and Spain, Melbourne’s reputation as a culinary travel destination is set. And it's not just the laksa.


From degustation to pop up, the Melbourne foodie scene is both classic and current. Burgers are a religion here, and I'm sure there have been actual fights (perhaps in our household) over where you can find the best souvlaki. 


Food has become more and more the impetus for travel choice. Three quarters of global travellers have admitted that they would likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink when choosing their next travel destination, reports.


Sydney, which also made the top 25, but came in at Number 17, may want to take note. Though they do a good ramen there…


Rivalry aside, it's an achievement for such a young country with a relatively small population, a country that has struggled with its identity since the end of WW2, to have come so far and offer so much. Where else in the world can you access such a variety of international cuisines made with such fresh (and often local) produce?


Perhaps we can change our national marketing tagline to, Welcome to Australia, the gourmet food court of the world?


Here’s the full list:


Top 25 cities globally endorsed for food by travellers


1 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tokyo, Japan 

Athens, Greece 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Melbourne, Australia

Bangkok, Thailand 

Granada, Spain

Las Vegas, USA

10 Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 Singapore, Singapore 

12 Warsaw, Poland

13 Porto, Portugal

14 Valencia, Spain

15 Florence, Italy

16 Milan, Italy

17 Sydney, Australia

18 Krakow, Poland

19 Istanbul, Turkey

20 Lisbon, Portugal

21 Munich, Germany

22 Copenhagen, Denmark

23 Seville, Spain

24 Brussels, Belgium

25 Rome, Italy


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 19 June 2017

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