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McDonald’s + church = an unholy communion?

Kind of gives the term Golden Arches a whole new meaning...

There’s a place you can go where it doesn’t matter what your skin colour is or where you’re from. It’s a place that draws people in in their time of need, offers sanctuary for travellers and feeds the masses. That place is McDonald’s. And now it’s time to get McDonald’s in churches. Or at least so say the folk behind The McMass Project.


Apparently churches in the US are about as popular as MySpace. Churches are closing down, people aren’t attending… So one enterprising group is hoping to raise US$1,000,000 to buy a McDonald’s franchise and put it in a church. That’ll get ‘em in!


“By combining a church and a McDonald's we can create a self-sustaining, community-engaged, popular church, and an unparalleled McDonald's restaurant,” the project creators claim.


The group is taking suggestions for which church will ‘benefit’ from the franchise and I’m sure wherever it ends up, it will be a tourist attraction if nothing else. We’ll keep you posted.



Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 30 November 2014

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