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Most ridiculous travel agent requests revealed

Sure, travel agents are in the business of service, but sometimes (and only sometimes) customers try to push that envelope just a little too far.


In our recent Traveltalk 2018 Industry Survey, we asked our esteemed travel agent readers for the most ridiculous requests they had received from clients, and they ranged from the mind-boggling to the sheer impossible.



Not convinced? Here are just some of the answers, anonymous and verbatim, that were thrown our way by respondents:  


- To hold a United flight out of JFK because he had a flat tyre and was running late. He seriously thought they would hold the flight

- Booked his own Jetstar flights, then had to cancel, called me and asked if I would buy the flights from him!

- I want to fly from Brisbane to Ayers Rock return and visit the rock all in one day

- To get rid of everything except diet coke in the minibar

- They wanted to book a cabin that was underwater so they could see fishes

- Can you make sure the weather is going to be nice while I am there???!

- I can only afford to fly in economy class, but I need to fully recline, and stretch my legs out so they are not touching the seat in front, because my legs swell if I sit for a long time.

- Walk them on the plane

- Wanting to cruise to Europe instead of fly, but didn't want to stop along the way and expected to get to Europe similar time as the flight - tried to explain to her this was impossible and was promptly told I was terrible at my job

- Sign them up for every airlines frequent flyer program

- I have had a request to find out the exact number of steps between each level on a river cruise vessel.

- Wanted to ensure that they had a list of the public restrooms included in the comments for an itinerary that I prepared.

- The scenery is monotonous. You need to change this to make it more interesting, especially the first few days of the tour.

- To upgrade them to Business Class for $100 bribe.

- To ask room service to replace the orange juice in their mini bar, they were in Europe and it was 3 am our time!

- Wanted a refund as he got sunburnt in Fiji on his jet ski tour

- Client wanted an air-conditioned balcony cabin, didn't want just fresh air!

- A client once asked me how many powerpoints would be in the hotel room

- If they can have their Qantas frequent flyer points added to the account before they travel because they have a wedding in Melbourne and they want to use the points for that!!

- To drive their passport to the other side of the city to a dodgy hole in the wall agency that issues visas same day for Vietnam... without sending the passport to the consulate??? I was very nervous!

- Didn't like the colour of curtains in some of the rooms - had to guarantee that the hotel wouldn't put them in the yellow curtain room....

- Can you request I don't wear seatbelts on the plane.

- American clients wanted to see all Australian major destinations on both coast in 7 days

- She wanted me to book her a trip to the Maldives and guarantee it will not rain, but her only travel dates were in the wet season.

- To sort out the mosquitoes in Tahiti prior to his holiday...


And possibly the best answer of the lot…

- We love ridiculous questions - so nothing to see here :)


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 17 July 2018

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