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Packing tip to save your suitcase

A bottle of wine can make for a great souvenir, but getting it back home can be a risk. This item from your hotel room may be the answer.


I didn’t know I wanted it until I had it and then I wanted everyone to have it. It took one sip of the stuff at a kaiseki restaurant in Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo to get me hooked. 


We were celebrating Hina-masturi, or Girls’ Doll Festival and served alongside our delicious meal was sparkling sake. And suddenly I needed it in my life.



So, when hitting up the stores on my last day for gifts and souvenirs to bring home, I thought a few small bottles would be great to share with the girls. But unlike face masks and all those gorgeously wrapped mochi sold at duty free, packing alcohol can be a bit of a pain, especially if it’s an unexpected purchase.


So what’s the best way to pack it?


If a bottle is going to break, it will do so at its most vulnerable point, which is the neck of the bottle. In the past I used to wrap bottles in jumpers, wrapping the sleeves around the neck. But if travelling in summer, I usually only pack one jumper and it’s on the plane with me, so I do this instead:




Grab one of the spare toilet rolls from your bathroom and slide the bottle’s neck through and, voila, instant protection! For smaller bottles, I use one and a half rolls per bottle and lay two head to head allowing them to share a toilet roll.


Just don’t forget to pad the rest of the bottle to.


I wrap each bottle in a plastic bag before swaddling them in toilet rolls and clothing because, if there is a spill (there never has been), at least (I hope) most of it will be contained.


And, a bit of a no brainer, pack your bottles in the middle of the suitcase, ensuring there’s enough of a buffer in case of any unforeseen impact (like general travel).




Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 25 February 2019

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