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Pump up the marital value

Not all honeymooners spend their time lying by the pool or walking on the beach. Some newlyweds like to get their adrenaline pumping. Here are a few suggestions for those who like to mix leisure with pleasure.


Valley of Fire, Las Vegas


Las Vegas

With 144,000 lovebirds taking the plunge in Las Vegas every year, this city could easily be called the wedding capital of the world. A better kept secret, however, is that this diverse city also has plenty on offer for an unforgettable honeymoon.

After indulging at some of the best restaurants and taking in the world-class entertainment, true adventure seekers can explore a different side of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. Couples can take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or discover the Valley of Fire with a more hands-on approach by chasing your partner through red sand dunes on sun buggies.


New Caledonia (Image F. Perotto/NCTPS)


New Caledonia

Head up to the north-west, where you’ll find ‘the Heart of Voh’, a natural plant formation that has developed in a mangrove and is shaped like a heart. There’s a track up Mount Kathépaïk to a viewing point at an altitude of 400 metres which will take you about two hours return, but the Heart is best seen from the air. The flight takes approximately three hours and not only will you be treated to memorable landscapes the flight will also take you and your partner across the world’s largest lagoon.


YTL Hotel Niseko Village Skiing


Niseko Village, Japan

Mount NisekoAnnupuri in Hokkaido, Japan, is at the other end of the honeymoon fantasy. Here you’ll find snow-capped mountains instead of beaches, and needless to say these can be equally memorable. Staying at YTL Hotels’ Niseko Village, sporty newlyweds will be spoiled with a variety of slopes, consistent snowfall and extensive ski trails. When you’ve aced skiing and snowboarding go on to relax in the hot springs (onsen) or enjoy the famous culinary scene.


PNG surfing


Papua New Guinea

Couples who surf together stay together. With thousands of kilometres of coastline and uncountable surf breaks waiting to be explored, Papua New Guinea’s warm waters and tropical climate make for outstanding surfing conditions.

PNG’s impressive Surf Management Plan (SMP) limits the amount of surfers in any one area ensuring waves are never crowded and the local communities benefit from the tourism dollar. Make sure to also explore the local communities and get acquainted with PNG’s ancient culture and traditions.




From Bali to Bhutan

Here’s a ready-to-book, private tour that is ideal for newlyweds looking for an off-the-beaten track honeymoon they will never forget. Beginning in Bali, honeymooners can trek volcanoes, bike ride through terraced rice fields and recharge on white sand beaches. From here, fly to Bhutan, a destination that offers preserved ancient temples and monasteries, where the monks, nuns and general population gather daily to practice the ancient mystical culture of Himalayan Buddhism. Harmonious chanting and pounding drums coupled with incense and butter lamps heighten this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Big Bend NP (Image Vincent Lock)



America’s ‘Lone Star State' offers a wild, back-to-nature experience in Big Bend National Park, where mountains, deserts and forests await just above the border with Mexico. Apart from its natural beauty and wide variety of natural experiences, there is something else that sets this place apart.

Due to its distance from civilisation, the park has some of the darkest skies in the world and allows couples to view one of the universe's most impressive spectacles, the Milky Way. On any given night honeymooners can expect to see about 2,000 stars. Campgrounds are available throughout the park but why not make your honeymoon truly authentic and acquire a permit to camp in the backcountry, away from developed sites.


Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu



Located on the island of Espiritu Santo, the Millennium Cave is a star of the Vanuatu jungle, with ceilings reaching 50 metres high and covered in bats and swallows. Reaching the cave is no laid-back stroll and is suitable only for the fit and adventurous.

The challenging trek will give you Indiana Jones vibes while climbing over bamboo bridges, walking through narrow jungle paths and making your way across rivers. Topping it all off are the friendly people of the village of Funaspef, the custom landowners of the Millennium Cave, who will tag along as your tour guides to assure this an experience you and your new spouse will not easily forget.





An adventurous honeymoon might be closer to home than you think. Located west of Kakadu National Park, the Bamurru Plains property treats honeymooners to extraordinary wildlife experiences in style.

Guests sleep in luxurious safari-like bungalows, with the wilderness literally a touch away. During the day newlyweds can spot crocs while skimming over the floodplains by airboat, while by night head out to the secluded romantic treetop sleep out ‘The Hide’ after indulging in a three-course, chef prepared meal.


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Written by: Traveltalk
Published: 15 January 2018

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