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ROVING RECIPES: Mushrooms with Black Pepper Sauce

Enjoy a royal taste of Thailand with this dish that GAYA AVERY first sampled on a charter train travelling from Hua Hin to Bangkok.

From the beach, the unassuming, yet stunning Maruekhathaiyawan Palace beckoned and we spent most of the night in its fairy lit shadow truly spoiled by our Thai hosts. Nothing could top it. 


Until the next morning. 


Tired and a little worse for wear, we arrived at the historic Hua Hin Railway Station, shielding our eyes from the tropical sun. 


As we approach the platform, we’re met by the gentle strains of an ancient music and are soon welcomed by locals, attired in clothes from the past, offering us snacks and drinks. Our hosts are sending us home via times past and, Hua Hin Railway Station, already so beautiful, becomes the setting for a farewell I’ll never forget.


On the train, we stake a claim to our rooms and look wistfully out at the passing countryside. 


And then we’re in the dining car where the most delectable food in stainless steel boxes is served to us by Blue Elephant’s own Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe.


While the complex curries and dainty desserts impressed, it was this simple, but tasty dish I’ve brought home.




Courtesy of Blue Elephant


Serves 2



1 1/2Tbsp. – Vegetable oil

2pc. – Garlic cloves, crushed

150g. – Button Mushrooms, Quartered

4Tbsp. – Vegetable Stock

3Tbsp. – Coriander, Lightly Chopped

2pc. – Kaffir Lime Leaves, torn

3Tbsp. – Black pepper sauce

1/2Tbsp. – Light soy sauce

1tsp. – Sugar



In a hot wok: On medium heat, add vegetable oil and garlic.

Add mushrooms and stirfry until fragrant.

Season with B.E. Black Pepper Sauce, B.E. Light Soya Sauce, and Sugar.

Add Stock and continue to stirfry.

Finish with Kaffir Lime leaves and Coriander.

Take off the heat and serve.

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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 11 September 2018

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