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Science creates formula for perfect holiday

So what leads to family vacation perfection?

Working with an online travel company, a UK psychologist has devised a formula to measure what makes the perfect family holiday. 


Image Daily Mail


After polling some 2,000 families about what they feel makes the ideal getaway, Dr David Holmes concluded that the family vacation could be measured by seven parameters:


1. The “Lifetime Experience” Factor (LE): Will you be “living the dream” during the holiday; creating lifetime memories?


2. Quality Family Interaction (QI): How much time will you spend doing fun things with your family?


3. Quality Activities (A): Are your activities engaging as well as entertaining your whole clan?


4. Quality of Accommodation (AQ): Hotel, resort, hostel, BnB… Where will you stay, and how will it affect your holiday?


5. Expected Weather (W): Sun or snow: what kind of weather do you hope for on your family vacation?


6. Your “Screen Freedom” (S): Is personal technology dominating your holiday? Could you be spending more time together connecting as a family?


7. Overall Cost (C): Finding the balance between paying too much and having too little.


Speaking to America’s ABC News, Dr Holmes said the three most important factors of a successful family vacation were cost, destination and the attractions or activities available.


“If you can get all of the above somewhere near right and score well in the following formula, you may very well have the experience of a lifetime,” said Holmes, who worked with in the study.


“Then as your kids get older and look towards their own families, they will have a good model of a family holiday to pass to following generations.”


Want to know how ‘perfect’ your next family holiday will be? Take the test here.


What do you think makes for the ideal family getaway?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 August 2015

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