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Ten of the world’s best late-night snacks

And the drinks you should wash them down with



Most of us have been there before – an attack of the hungrys after a big night out.


Chances are, you’ve also experienced this craving overseas, either on an evening out with your best friend or just wandering the streets with a tour group.


But how do you choose when you’re in a place unfamiliar, with scents seeping out of nooks everywhere?


Food first: taste buds now officially rule travel


To help you figure out your next (impromptu) late night meal abroad, the folk at Travel Supermarket have put together an infographic detailing the best snacks from across the planet – best enjoyed after a beer or two.


To top it off, they’ve paired the tasty treats with the finest local tipples.


So, whether you’re after a slice of pizza in NYC, or a bowl of hot ramen in Tokyo, this list has you covered…   

Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 July 2018

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