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The Green Pioneer is here!

The world’s first hybrid powered purpose built expedition ship launches this month

Hurtigruten launches the world’s first hybrid powered purpose built expedition ship this month, which will set a new benchmark in Expedition cruising. Ms Roald Amundsen will sail the polar waters of the world from the Arctic, Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Alaska to spectacular Antarctica. 



This is not just a new ship; this is a game changer in the Industry with lower emissions delivered by ship design, low emission engines, battery power and radical green technology focused on sustainability at its core. And it is the fruition of a dream from 1882.


“In my imagination, I created an electric ship that could break through all kinds of ice, that nice and elegantly, fearful and irresistible, could sail through the Arctic oceans, straight to the Pole.”

Roald Amundsen, age of 10, in 1882


The ship is not only the most innovative expedition ship in the world, focused on leaving a footprint we can be proud of, it is a ship that leads in sustainability. This is a ship and company will set the new standard where environmental responsibility is taken seriously. 



Safe and Sustainable

Building on 125 years of exploration experience, we know how to take care of you and, at the same time, the wildlife habitats and remote communities you’ll visit with us. Hurtigruten commits to protecting the environment.


A Heritage of Adventure

We have been at the forefront of maritime exploration since 1893, pushing boundaries and journeying to new horizons from pole to pole. This history is proudly embedded in the DNA of all our expedition cruises today. 


Authentic to the Core

The essence of a Hurtigruten expedition cruise is pure, unfiltered exploration. We immerse you in nature at its rawest, bring you up close to rare wildlife, and into the lives of real local people. Expect insights, inspiration, and appreciation for our planet in all its glory.


Technology for the Future

Hurtigruten has invested in state-of-the-art hybrid engines to power greener expedition vessels. Designed in partnership with Rolls Royce, the sophisticated battery systems and other innovative green tech solutions will substantially reduce fuel consumption and emissions. MS Roald Amundsen is the first of these pioneering ships set to revolutionise ocean exploration for the better.



Your Expedition Team

For an extraordinary expedition experience, you need extraordinary expertise. Your Expedition Team is composed of modern-day explorers and top-tier lecturers from around the world. Dedicated to keeping every expedition cruise safe and sustainable.


Exciting Destinations

MS Roald Amundsen embarks on immersive expeditions across the globe, from the far Arctic reaches of the Northwest Passage down to the populous penguin colonies in Antarctica. 


Modern Cuisine

Aboard MS Roald Amundsen, you will enjoy a choice of three exquisite dining concepts; bountiful buffets as standard, a selection of international fare, or sumptuous five-course meals of the finest Scandinavian flavours. Crafted by our skilful chefs, each dish is beautifully presented, a delight for your eyes and your palate.


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Published: 10 June 2019

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