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The guaranteed way of never losing your luggage

And five other ways to ensure your baggage remains in your hands

Losing luggage is a struggle facing travellers every day, and can create unwanted stress to the start of a long-awaited holiday. But one man may have the answer - and it's pretty simple (albeit a little narcissistic).


USA Today reported of an unidentified traveller who was photographed with a personalised suitcase. But this piece of luggage was unique, with a photo of the owner wrapped around the entire suitacse.


But what seemed really egotistic could actually be pretty clever: no one else would mistake it for their own bag, and it’s hard to imagine anyone walking away with the suitcase without being noticed. 

Is also a shrine to your former self


If having your photo printed on a big piece of luggage doesn’t do it for you, there are other ways you can ensure your belongings stay in your possession, and ways you can deal with losing a bag. 


- Designer luggage or those with way-out prints can draw more attention to your bag from potential bagnappers, so stick to simple colours or designs.


- After a long flight, bags on the carousel all start to look the same. Adding little things like a ribbon to the handle or a coloured bag strap will help you find it quickly and stop others from thinking your bag is theirs.


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Baggage handlers caught playing ‘games’ with bag


- Travelling can be hectic, so it can be easy to leave one of your bags in the back of a taxi, at your hotel or somewhere else. To avoid this, use your phone and set an alarm or reminder to remember your belongings.


- Make sure the tags on the bag you pick up match the ones given to you at check-in as there could be a chance someone has the exact same bag as you. 


Source: Skacel


- If you’re travelling with multiple bags, be sure to pack a few changes of clothes in each bag so you can continue with your trip while your lost luggage is being located. 


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Written by: Katrina Bond
Published: 21 December 2015

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