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The holidays that are ‘pricing out’ millennials: report

Watching the Winter Olympics on TV may be as close to skiing as many millennials can get right now, as a new study shows just how expensive some sporting holidays have become.



According to GlobalData’s ‘Exploring Sports Tourism’ report, budgetary constraints have resulted in fewer millennials taking part in sporting vacations such as skiing and golfing, despite an increased desire to participate in these activities.


Whilst participation is still high for some active holidays like surfing, ski and golf holidays in particular are ‘pricing out’ younger travellers. 


“Tourism boards and ski resorts should attempt to get more young people engaged in skiing by offering discounts on the costs involved with the sport. For example, they could start offering a discounted ‘millennial’ pass,” GlobalData travel and tourism analyst Sean Hyett said.


In many snow resorts, baby boomers account for the majority of skiers, but as the boomer generation declines it has become increasingly important for millennials to engage more in skiing holidays.


Likewise, golfing holidays have seen an overall decline in participation largely due to high costs.


“Younger generations are put off by factors such as the cost, the amount of time it takes to play a round and the negative perceptions of golf,” Mr Hyett said.


“Holiday providers can include activities outside of golf in the package and advertise local nightlife.


“Millennial uptake needs to exceed boomer exit for the skiing and golf industries to grow and survive in the long term.


“Therefore, adopting methods to get more young people going on these holidays will be essential.”


Have you ever put off a skiing holiday because of price?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 9 February 2018

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