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The most expensive cities to buy a cup of coffee

If you think Australians have it hard when forking out for a cup of coffee, you should try living (or visiting Doha or Copenhagen.



In a recent study, Swiss financial service company, UBS, asked local experts how much a cup of coffee in a typical café costs, comparing the price of a regular-sized black coffee (Americano) in cities around the world.


In the 2018 Price and Earnings study, it found a cup of Joe in the Qatari and Danish capital cities will set you back on average about US$6.40 (around AU$8.40) and US$6.24 (AU$8.20) respectively.


Just behind these two extraordinarily pricey towns, at least in coffee terms, is Dubai, where a caffeine fix can cost you US$5.70 ($7.50).


At the other end of the scale, the cheapest cities of the 77 towns surveyed were found to be Lagos/Nigeria (80 cents), Lisbon/Portugal (97 cents) and, surprisingly, one of the world’s coffee capitals (and home to some of the finest drips), Rome ($1.30).


The only two Australasian cities looked at, Sydney ($4.17) and Auckland ($4.11), ranked a reasonable 31st and 32nd respectively, just behind Berlin (30th) and New York City (33rd).


So don’t feel too guilty the next time you pop into your local Aussie café for a cuppa. For the full study results, click here.


Where in the world have you found surprisingly expensive/cheap coffee?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 June 2018

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