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The top three must-dos for visitors to Aust: poll

New research has shown why you shouldn’t always go by a guidebook to map out the must-do experiences for your next adventure abroad. 



Take Australia: on TripAdvisor, the ‘top’ attractions for international visitors are the usual suspects, with Sydney Harbour, Melbourne’s Circle Tram and the Australian War Memorial all ranking extremely well. 


But new data released by Aussie icon Arnott’s shows Australians themselves rate other experiences in higher esteem. 


According to the Arnott’s poll, the top three things locals would suggest as a must-do activity for overseas visitors are cuddling a koala (58%), going to an AFL match (32%), and wait for it ... doing the Tim Tam Slam (31%). 


This is despite half of the Australian population (or at least half of those polled), not even knowing what a Tim Tam Slam is - and only one in three having actually tried it. If you don’t know what it is, we’ve included a quick rundown below...


Making it Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, the research found that 90% of Australians eat Tim Tams, “with 4.1 million Aussies confessing to succumbing to this delicious treat on a weekly basis”.


The next most loved Aussie treats are apparently lamingtons (25%), pavlova (22%) and ANZAC biscuits (15%). 


So if you want the quintessential Australian experience, take a packet of Tim Tams to the footy, grab a coffee and let rip. 


We’re still working on how to get the koala cuddling involved in that.   


What are the Australian experiences you would recommend to visitors?



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 November 2018

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