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Top 5 European cities to visit for uni students

Traveling is essential for students due to the multitude of benefits that come with it. In some cases, it has been referred to as the best form of education! Academics aside, traveling is a great way to unwind, and many have made a hobby out of it.


For instance, Europe has so many places to visit that you may even find it hard deciding on where to travel. How about we give consideration to Paris, Rome, Kiev, Warsaw, and Athens as our top priorities? When you visit these places, you will certainly want to go back again and again.


Let’s consider some of the reasons that make these cities top destinations for university students.




1. Paris

Paris not only has interesting sites to visit but, also, is pocket-friendly, which is one of the major concerns for college students. Its museums and galleries offer free entry to visitors all year round. Some are free on the first Sunday of every month while others are always free. The restaurants also have affordable dishes. They are simple, imaginative, made from fresh ingredients, and are served at reasonable prices.


The calendar is always packed with events running throughout the year. These include Paris beer week which happens once a year but runs for a whole week, Les Heures heureuses and fete de la musique, just to mention but a few. To top it up, there are also second-hand shops where you can drop off some of your stuff, and once it’s sold, you get a share.


2. Rome

If you get to visit Rome, you will not be convinced otherwise that it is the world’s best city. There are cheap flights, and due to the high number of tourists visiting, it may be hard to find reasonably priced accommodation in the central area. However, there are others available outside the center, and they are affordable for students.


In terms of sites, as a student, you have to prioritize. Most of the places are free; however, for some places, you may be required to pay an entrance fee. The good news is that the sites are not far apart; that is, most of the sites are within walking distances. This helps to save on transport cost which makes this viable for students with a limited budget.


Some of the recommended places include; the Vatican museums which are always free on the last Sunday of the month, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatino where one tickets grants you entry to the three sites, Piazzas, and Apiana Way. Carrying your student ID card will get you discounts at most of these places.




3. Warsaw

This is a great and interesting place to visit especially for students who would wish to travel to somewhere new or different – somewhere that’s not your usual travel destination. It has a unique vibe of its own. One of the things that make it individual is its history which is also painful and touching. When they tried to rise against the Germans but failed, they were obliterated reducing the population of the city tremendously.


It has a combination of the old and new castles that makes it very stunning in appearance. The reconstructions after old buildings were wiped out were done in such a manner that they resemble the exact old ones. The peculiar sites of the shrines, rooftop gardens, and the little Neon museum make Warsaw astonishing. Not forgetting the cheap food places available for university students.


4. Athens

Being one of the oldest cities - it is, in fact, the oldest on our list - it is a perfect place for history students to visit. Athens' omnipresent street art and stray cat army make it so alive - a breathing, car-honking, and expletive shouting city. It has plenty of museums and parks that you can visit. Not forgetting the nightclubs and packed bars which most college students like going to relieve stress and blow off some steam after a long semester.


Food in Athens is not a thing to worry about since the Greeks love eating a lot. Grilled meat is the most common meal in this city, and you will be served with either traditional food or fast foods. Provided you hit the correct eateries, their meals are always finger licking good.




5. Kiev

Kiev is the most pocket-friendly city, on our list, to visit for university students who are always on a budget. The mode of transport depends on your affordability. You can get a taxi from $30 as well as take a sky bus for about $3. There is also a train and public transport which is extremely cheap. The announcement for the train arrival and departures are made using Ukrainian or English.


When it comes to meals: if you are on a budget, then it won’t be difficult to find a restaurant serving cheap, fairly tasty and filling meals. The price ranges from $4 to $10 which is a good option. The type of climate in this city is moderate continental, so you just have to pick on the best season to visit the place. It also has medical centers where you can get treatment using your insurance cards.


With the digital era, most students are always engrossed in their phones. Most rely on their phones for research and nothing will please a student more than visiting a place with free internet connectivity. Kiev city has free Wi-Fi practically almost everywhere; in the cafes, McDonald's and in the City Centre. There are also museums, concerts, and theatres for watching cultural plays and movies as well.


In summary, despite numerous places to visit in Europe, these top five spots mentioned had better be given a priority. These cities are good for students in terms of sight-seeing. They are budget-friendly. And your social life is covered as well so you won't be bored here. Experience is always the best teacher, and when students visit these places, they will get a lifetime experience.


About the Author: Alice Jones is a tutor & high skilled web content writer at Edubirdies. She loves sharing tips and topics about education, management, and marketing. Alice studied Arts in English at the University of New Orleans. 


Written by: Alice Jones
Published: 2 July 2018

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