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Top 5 places in Europe to take the kids

CHARLES PHAN takes us through his picks of the best family destinations in Europe - with one or two surprises thrown in.

City breaks offer the perfect opportunity to spend time with the children as well as offer fun education without the constraints of school. They’re a nice stress-free option during the holidays and provide plenty of activities for both adults and children.


The Colosseum, Rome


1. Rome

The historical hub of the Roman Empire is a great place to start. With its mesmerising history, beautiful architecture and delicious cuisine, what isn’t to love about Rome?

Make sure to visit the Colosseum - its gory history is likely to wow the children just as much as the parents.

“The streets of Rome are also home to some impressive street performers who are bound to capture your kid’s attention,” says Philip Cole, travel writer and contributor to Last Minute Writing and Writinity.

There are plenty of opportunities for side trips to Naples or Pompeii, and for a bit more exercise you could take a stroll up Mt Vesuvius too. After all of that, you’ll all be ready for a classic Italian pizza and ice-cream.


2. Barcelona

If you have a football fan in the family, you may’ve already considered the busy city of Barcelona for a family trip. Obviously, football isn’t the only attraction here though.

The Boqueria market is a unique experience which will dazzle adults and children alike with flowers, fruits and all sorts of stalls that are perfect for finding little trinkets to keep.

Make time also to visit the CosmoCaixa science museum or the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, which are perfect for getting the kids’ brains going.

After all of that, why not finish the day off with some beautiful local food and a view of the sunset on the beach?


Park Guell, Barcelona


3. London

There’s plenty to do in the hub of England. From the Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament to watching the changing of the guards  – where just maybe you’ll get a glimpse of royalty.

Take in the cityscape from the London Eye and take a step back through time at the Natural History Museum as well.

While you’re at it why not take in a show at the West End theatre, that’ll get everyone clapping and singing along.

“You’ll have your choice of cuisine as there are restaurants featuring dishes from all over the world, or you could treat yourself to a classic fish and chips,” adds Wanda Johnson, food blogger and writer for Researchpapersuk and Draftbeyond


4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam isn’t usually the first place to spring to mind when thinking of somewhere to take the children, and it may be easily dismissed because of its reputation for more ‘adult’ activities, but that’s not all that Amsterdam has to offer.

For one, the city tours by bike or boat are not something you want to miss, as there are plenty of sights to see.

In addition to this, the Van Gogh museum is the perfect trip for any aspiring artists, and for the older children, take a trip to Anne Frank’s House for a unique insight into the horrors of war.

The kids won’t complain about the food either, as Dutch food is a definite pleaser for the sweet-tooth.


Autumn’s Funsterdam


5. Reykjavik

Get your woolly hats and scarves on for a trip to the capital of Iceland. Known as one of the safest and friendliest cities in the world, what better place to visit with your family?

Beyond the city limits, take your children to experiences like no other. Have a dip in the thermal hot springs. Take a boat along the coast to watch for whales and have a walk through the stunning Icelandic countryside.

When the sun sets keep an eye on the sky for the beautiful Arora Borealis. It’s the experience of a lifetime for children and parents alike.


Charles Phan is a content writer and proofreader at Gum Essays and Lucky Assignments. Chris has a degree in marketing and enjoys writing about business strategies, entrepreneurship, start up companies and travel.


Written by: Charles Phan
Published: 19 January 2019

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