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Traveltalks to Rob Gurr of YNOT Concepts

He’s back in the industry and he’s bringing his expertise to you

You may recognise his baby blues from his time as South African Tourism Trade Relations Manager, but now Rob Gurr has branched out and launched Ynot Concepts, a company specialising in innovative sales and marketing for the travel and tourism industry.


With its 19 years of industry experience, Ynot Concepts is already representing leading brands including, Vintage Africa, Sense of Africa Uganda and the luxurious Lemala Camps and Lodges.


Traveltalk sat down with Mr Gurr to find out what’s on the horizon for Ynot Concepts and to score some free tips for our readers.


What do you love about Australia's travel industry?

I love the people. Whether you sell luxury or adventure travel we all have the same goal, helping people’s dreams become a reality. We want to create memories of a lifetime.


You've been in the game awhile now, what are some free sales/marketing tips you can share with business managers?

Focus on your core business and target clients through effective marketing with a strong ROI. This can also be supported by a quality (not quantity) sales approach. It’s also crucial to listen to your clients needs.


What have you learned in past roles that will help you take Ynot Concepts on to big things?

From my past roles I have learnt how important relationships are to the success of any business. I also believe it's important to follow your passions in life: dream, believe and achieve.


A lot of your client base is still very African. Are you hoping to extend into other destinations?

Ynot Concepts aims to offer innovative tourism marketing in Australia and NZ. Africa is the first market Ynot Concepts will be targeting and once this is established we will move into other areas of the world. Ynot Concepts goal is to offer the best possible service to our clients and ensure they are serviced properly before new products are contracted.


What are some tips you can give businesses that sell Africa as a destination to help during the current climate of ebola terror?

Ebola is a major concern in the travel industry at the moment however I believe with the expert knowledge and experience of the African operators in Australia, all clients can be assured they have been provided with the most up to date information. The African operators are updated regularly on Ebola and would not put clients at risk and ensure they travel into safe areas only.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 November 2014

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