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Undiscovered Britain

Take the Cobblestone Less Travelled with Globus in 2019

Over the Tower Bridge, beyond the Palace and past Abbey Road, you’ll discover laurel lanes and garden paths along the cobblestones less travelled.


You may fancy seeing all the sights in Britain, but don’t think us cheeky in saying we can show you the undiscovered places that tell the true stories of its green hills and seaside cliffs. From winding paths to windswept moors, we invite you to discover Britain’s authentic places beyond London Bridge with a selection of travel styles to see old Britain in a new way.


Join your expert Tour Director to discover what’s truly great about Britain. Explore the undiscovered and uncrowded England, Scotland and Wales to shop for bits and bobs in more than 30 unique bonnie shires, unhurried hamlets, and highland villages. Say “Cheerio” to typical tours for a better, brilliant way to see true British life. 



Reasons why you should travel to Britain


Thrones, Scones and Everything Else

There’s nothing easy about planning a holiday, especially when visiting the less-traversed areas of England, Scotland and Wales. We handle the research and reservations, so you don’t have to. With every logistic taken care of on a tour, from hotels to transportation to sightseeing, your only job is to focus on all of the wonders that make Britain great!


Earl Grey and Tee Times

Britain is big on tradition – and welcomes you to participate. An escorted tour offers a pre-planned, pre-purchased itinerary with VIP access to the must-see sites without ever waiting in line – from visiting the legendary birthplace of golf at St. Andrews to Britain’s world-famous tearooms.


Aisles and Isles

A perfectly planned tour saves you time, which means you have more of it to spend at the special places only we can share – from Britain’s grand gothic cathedrals to its small, mystical islands.


Rock Stars and Famous Rocks

From the humble beginnings of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to the humbling and perplexing phenomena of Stonehenge and Clava Cairns, our expert Tour Directors shed light on some of Britain’s greatest fascinations.


See it, Like it, Post it

With free wi-fi on our luxury motorcoaches, you can share photos with family back home to show your fascinating stops off the beaten path. Snap a pic of Clan Fraser’s battle field – a setting for the TV series Outlander. Or strike a regal pose at the Doune Castle, a Game of Thrones film location, to share on social media.


Hops and Scotch

You don’t have to search the internet for restaurants, bars or local favourites on our tours. We know the best English pubs to order a pint of lager or the best spot for a dram of Scottish Whiskey.


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Published: 4 November 2018

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