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Webjet is wrong about travel agents: here’s why

How many times have you called a customer service hotline only to be placed in a queue, at the end of which time, you’re handed over to someone unfamiliar and sometimes even uninterested in your plight?


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At a time when most consumers are crying out for more personal customer service, there’s an industry that offers exactly that – and the bricks and mortar travel agent is not just surviving, but some say thriving, despite its detractors.


One such naysayer is Webjet. In a new commercial, the online travel agent tries to persuade consumers that booking online is better. Don’t agree? You’re hardly alone. In response to the commercial, wholesaler Excite Holidays has put together five reasons why customers will keep coming back to their travel agents. Here's their take:


THEY’RE TIRED OF WASTING TIME – When researching a holiday online, clients can feel like they’re disappearing down an overwhelming rabbit hole of information. By choosing to book through you, they’ll not only save time, but they’ll know they’re booking with an expert who has been trained in the destination of their dreams.


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ONLINE BOOKING ENGINES WON’T HELP WITH MISTAKES – Calling an OTA when something goes wrong with a booking can be a nightmare. Even if consumers manage to get through to a human being, the person on the other end of the phone has no idea who they are or how important their holiday is. As a travel agent, you’re able to resolve the problem by calling our 24 hour reservation team without your client breaking a sweat.


ROUND THE WORLD TRIP? NO PROBLEM – Booking a complex itinerary with multiple stops is near impossible online, but it’s all in a day’s work for you. Whether your client wants to book a trip of a lifetime to Europe’s most romantic cities or have a wild adventure seeking out Africa’s best safari spots, you’re able to put together the trip of a lifetime.


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DREAM MAKERS – Now, more than ever, clients want their dream holiday to be unique, they don’t want to have the same experience as thousands of other people. Unlike the Internet, when a client explains their dream to you, you’re able to find the boutique hotel of their dreams, suggest the hidden local restaurant perfect for a romantic meal or direct them to the secret beach with the best snorkelling. But, if you get stuck, our highly-knowledgeable reservations team are just a phone call away.


BETTER CONNECTIONS THAN THE INTERNET – You know the industry inside out, you have thousands of connections and often get the best price first. By booking with you, your clients will be secure in the knowledge that if they need to change their reservation, you’ll know the right people to call to avoid any fees or charges. And remember, Excite Holidays doesn’t change any additional cancellation or amendment fees.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 January 2016

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