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What are the world’s most Instagrammed foods?

And what foods do Aussies love to Instagram most?

It might be an annoying habit to some; to others, just another way of feeding a passion for all things culinary; but it seems food photography has taken over dinner plates worldwide. And arguably more than anywhere else, these images end up on Instagram.



With this in mind, studied 100,000 Instagram images from around the world to find out what are the most Instagrammed foods.


It mightn’t come as a surprise to find pizza was found to be the most popular dish – but we’re guessing these weren’t photos of any old Dominos or Pizza Hut pizzas. The next most popular food items were sushi, steak, burgers, and bacon.


Tacos, donuts, ramen, curry and hotdogs rounded out the top ten most Instagrammed fare.


Equally importantly, where exactly are foods Instagrammed? Data reveals New York and Los Angeles to be the world’s top cities for Instagrammed pizzas (followed by Naples), while London is the world’s top city for Instagrammed burgers, edging NYC and LA.


For curries, it’s Tokyo and Osaka, while NYC and LA love to Instagram their sushi more than the Japanese.


When it comes to sweets, Asian metropolises Bangkok and Seoul apparently love their macarons more than in Paris.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Australians are shown to love their pork products, with Melbourne and Sydney finishing among the top five places in the world for Instagrammed pics of both pulled pork and of bacon. Vietnamese pork rolls (Banh Mi) are also more Instagrammed in Melbourne than anywhere else.


Check out the excellent Photoworld graphic (though perhaps not while you’re hungry).


Do you Instagram food? If so, what dishes?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 17 July 2015

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