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What is threatening our endangered World Heritage Sites?

As society evolves at a staggering rate, we’re lucky enough to still be able to experience a number of archaeological and natural sites that have existed for centuries.


Old City of Jerusalem


But due to this rapid transformation of civilisation, these snapshots of history are being put under threat by a number of factors.


With this in mind, On The Go Tours have taken a look at the endangered World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO to analyse which types of issues are the most threatening to our places of heritage.


All of the factors listed by UNESCO have been analysed and range from illegal activities to water infrastructure.


These have then been split into a number of categories: War/Conflict, Tourism, Illegal Activities, Environmental Impacts, Politics and Urbanisation.


As urbanisation proves to be the most alarming factor, appearing 86 times across the heritage sites, what more can be done to ensure we don’t lose these places forever?


This interactive chart shows us exactly which factors are the most threatening and which sites have the highest number of threats.


Published: 6 June 2018

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