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What travellers boast most about on social media

Social media has its pros and cons. Mark affirmative action in the good column and let’s say, Donald Trump’s tweeting in the bad. Sitting somewhere in between is the travel post, which more often than not (but certainly not always) involves a picture of some well-known tourist attraction along with a would-be famous traveller. I put it in between because hey, who likes a show-off? And let’s not even get into selfies…



To put it into a purely travel context, took it upon itself to study what’s topping the brag charts in destinations around the world, using what it calls a world-first #TravelBrag Artificial Intelligence (AI).


More than five million ‘brags’ were analysed in the study which used tweet data, Instagram posts, travel keywords and destination mentions “to give an overview of what people show off about on social media while on holiday”.


And surprisingly, while most travellers are still shouting about the more common tourist offerings, an increasing number are sharing such things as foodie ’grams, weather updates and sporting snaps.


According to the analysis, the most bragged about global travel terms were: Museum, Rooftop bar, Old Town, Modern Art, Opera, Sunshine, Olympic Games, Cathedral, Gallery and Ballet.


From an Australian perspective, the top five Sydney brags were: Art galleries, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Kings, Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour.


The top 5 Melbourne brags were: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Seasons (relating to the weather), Rooftop bars, St Paul's Cathedral, National Gallery of Victoria.


“Bragging on social media has become the norm - if you didn’t get social kudos out of it, it didn’t happen!” marketing manager Australia & NZ David Spasovic said.


“This #TravelBrag analysis shows just how diverse travellers are. Whether its enjoying rooftop cocktails in Bangkok, checking out Camden Town in London or visiting the mob museum in Vegas, social bragging is out in full force.”


Be honest, do you brag about travelling on social media?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 28 February 2018

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