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Where in the world can I vape? A traveller’s guide

Travel plans coming up? As you consider what to pack in your suitcase, it may be worth taking a few minutes to see whether or not you will be able to pack your vape. These days, it’s as vital to get information about the laws, regulations and attitudes towards vaping as it is to have the right currency in your wallet.



Did you know that as of 2015, approximately one-third of countries have brought in some sort of regulation around e-cigarettes. Laws can vary greatly from country to country as governments are still unsure on how they intend to regulate the industry. Whereas some countries have an outright ban, other nations have more ambiguous rules, which may not be immediately apparent to the traveller’s eye. For example, vaping may be legal, but e-liquid may not be. It is therefore crucial to conduct thorough research before jetting off, or else you may face a fine or worse yet, jail time.


It’s also key to bear in mind that the laws surrounding e-cigarettes are still very much in a state of flux as governments throughout the world frequently change their rules in reaction to vaping research. Make sure to get your information from up-to-date sources.


With all of this in mind, the team at purplebox vapours have created a handy infographic, entitled “Where in the World Can I Vape?”, outlining the different rules and regulations around the world surrounding the topic of vaping. It lays out the laws in the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and South America and examines the factors contributing to various governments’ decisions to bring in vaping regulations.


Overall, that there is no blanket rule for e-cigarette use worldwide so use common sense when traveling with your vape. Always show respect to non-vapers and make sure to follow the rules wherever you end up traveling.


Written by: Steve Barrett
Published: 29 May 2018

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