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Where to travel based on your horoscope

Does this ring true for you?

Travel site has matched the twelve zodiac signs to travel destinations that would be perfect for your astrological preferences. Whether you’re a sightseeing Sagittarius, a trekking Taurus or an adventurous Aries, KAYAK has the perfect place for your next trip. 




Notoriously adventurous, Aries love a good challenge; hiking, skydiving and surfing for these thrill seekers. Aries are independent and don’t adhere well to plans, so New Zealand is the perfect place for Aries to create their own getaway.

Queenstown offers year-round opportunities for outdoor sports like bungee jumping, biking and whitewater rafting to really get the adrenaline pumping.

Best time to visit: Queenstown truly is an all-seasons experience. Summers (from December - February) see temperatures hover around 30 degrees - perfect for hiking, biking, and numerous other sports.



It’s important for the Aquarius traveller to immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of their chosen destination. They want to be somewhere that stimulates creativity, learning and curiosity and Japan ticks all these boxes.

Kitakyushu lies in Japan's Fukuoka prefecture and has a population of roughly 1 million people. With stunning shorelines, insightful museums and amazing architecture, Kitakyushu casts a spell on all of its visitors.

Best time to visit: Most of the attractions in this region operate all year round, however, its nature trails and landscape can change in the winter. Cherry blossom season runs from March to April.



A lover of the finer things in life, the bougie Taurus is easily wowed by beauty and excess. They love to indulge in great food, fashion and hotels so what better place than charming Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich boasts luxury stores, Michelin-star restaurants and world-class art galleries, putting the rich into Zu-rich for our trendy Taurus travellers.

Best time to visit: Zurich is a great place to visit at almost any time of year. For the best sightseeing weather, July and August are ideal. Early July might actually be best, as it's festival season in Zurich, when Züri Fäscht takes over the river banks.




The caring Cancer loves feeling calm and comfortable so they need a vacation spot that makes them feel at home. They have the innate tendency to take care of everyone so a homely escape in a small city is ideal.

Longyearbyen, Norway is known for its warm residents and sprawling mountains engulfing a city of around 2000 people, a perfect place for our peaceful Cancer.

Best time to visit: Seasonal preference will determine the best time to travel for you. For those that love the sun, summer is from around June to August and winter begins from September until May.



Curious Sagittarius is constantly seeking new, untouched destinations to satisfy their restless soul. They like to get amongst their surroundings and opt for camping, backpacking and hiking through their locations to get the full experience.

Dalat, Vietnam is encased by hills, pine forests and waterfalls for Sagittarius travellers seeking a refreshing take on Vietnam’s treasures.

Best time to visit: The valleys of Dalat experience two distinct seasons: dry (November to March) and rainy (April to October). The dry season is better for outdoor activities and the optimal time to travel.



Hardworking and disciplined Capricorns like to reward themselves with uber relaxing getaways that satisfy their need to unwind and spend some time alone.

Karon, Thailand is a great place for Capricorns to switch off and escape the hustle and bustle of regular tourist spots. If you’re looking to relax on the beach, Karon is a must. There's more to this sunny destination than just sand and waves to explore, with a plethora of natural attractions on right on your doorstep, there’s plenty to explore.

Best time to visit: High season generally lasts from November through to early March. Either end of the season is ideal, with fine weather, little rain and smaller crowds.


Karon Beach


Upbeat and vivacious Leos long for a destination that matches their lust for life. You’ll find the Leo amongst the blazing nightlife and constant action and what better place than the stunning Mendoza, Argentina. Leos will love Mendoza and its vibrancy, nightlife and a range of outdoor activities to enjoy in the nearby mountains.

Best time to visit: The best time to travel to Mendoza is between October and April (the southern hemisphere summer). Try April and May for mild weather, spectacular colours and far shorter queues at the wine bars.



Peaceful and harmonious Libras appreciate a beautiful destination that fosters both tranquility and variety. They need something that appeals aesthetically and intellectually, pleasing both their adventurous and tame sides.

Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital city and definitely one for the Libra’s due to it’s quaint size, beautifully colored buildings, lush green parks, and Balkans-focused museums.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is during the summer, when the city puts on many free public events and concerts and visitors can take advantage of Slovenia's many outdoor sport opportunities.



Organised, tidy and detail oriented, Virgos like a well-planned out holiday filled with classes, tours and activities that fulfill to their perfectionist tendencies. Our OCD Libras will adore the charming city of Reims, France.

Dominated by one of Europe's most beautiful Gothic cathedrals, Reims is a compact French jewel, offering atmospheric cafes, superb food, and some of the best Champagne you will ever taste.

Best time to visit: Reims has something to enjoy at every time of year, with museums and markets to enjoy all year around. Why not pick a festival that interests you and schedule your trip then?




Gentle, romantic and spiritual Pisces belong near the water, whether that be a lake, beach or pond as they thrive off natural wonders and interesting culture. They are blissful daydreamers that like to go with the flow and what better way to foster their strong attachment to water than Reykjavik, Iceland.

Reykjavik is a feast for the senses and wonderfully situated as a base for excursions into Iceland's vast glaciers, beautiful waterfalls and geothermal pools.

Best time to visit: If you want to see the northern lights, head to Reykjavik between September and March. For general sightseeing, July and August are ideal, with warm weather almost guaranteed.



Brooding, enigmatic and mysterious, Scorpio travellers like to experience anything and everything on vacation. They are intense and passionate by nature and suit bolder,richer city such as Tangier, Morocco.

The bustling city of Tangier has long been a haven for artists, writers, rock stars, and intellectuals. A blend of romantic medinas and alleyways, landmarks, and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches make the 'white city' an attractive option for our unique Scorpio souls.

Best time to visit: Visit Tangier in late spring from March to May or in late summer from September to November for pleasant weather and fewer crowds.



Adaptable, communicative and wanderlust Geminis would go to all ends of the world if they could. Because of their dual nature, they need variety, liveliness and a plethora of nooks and crannies to explore.

Valencia in Spain is a magical city with thousands of years of history, wonderful food, and enough attractions to keep Geminis busy. With its beautiful, clean city beaches, Valencia allows you to blend a cultural, beachy holiday with ease.

Best time to visit: Valencia is a wonderful destination to visit in the fall and spring. Between March and May, and September and early November, the weather is warm or mild, but not too hot.


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Published: 17 July 2019

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