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Why Instagram is not the modern-day travel agent

I recently read an AdWeek article about how Instagram was the new travel agent (aptly titled ‘Instagram Is the Modern-Day Travel Agent’). It argued that Instagram played a huge role in helping users – particularly millennials – make travel decisions.


Citing a survey of nearly 80,000 people from travel dating website Miss Travel, the story pointed out how nearly half (48%) of all Instagrammers turned to the photo-sharing app to help choose vacation destinations, while more than one in three (35%) said they used the app to discover new places.


“Social media is a way to connect with far-off places and new cultures before even stepping foot on foreign soil,” MissTravel founder and CEO Brandon Wade said.


While that may be true, exactly how honest are those pictures you see on Instagram?


Like doctored images of people themselves, photos of destinations can easily be edited in a way that can be totally misleading, like omitting hordes of shutterbugs and their selfie sticks, or filtering places beyond recognition.


The lesson to be learned isn't to avoid crowded tourist spots (because quite often the crowds are entirely justified) but rather, don't have unrealisitc expectations of a destination - and don't choose your holiday based on Instagram. 


Has Instagram – or any social media platform – ever played a role in your travel plans?



Pisa crowds








#davinci #paintings #art #beyonce #monalisa #louvre #leonardodavinci Beyoncé's Mona Lisa smile.

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Petra's most famous landmark, the Treasury, was carved into the stone by the Nabataeans over 2,000 years ago. ????

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 February 2016

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