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Audiofly’s AF56W wireless headphones reviewed for travellers

“It was the death knell of our travels,” said Joe*.


Joe was in a middling Aussie band. Surprisingly successful, he and his band members were heading to the States with hopes they were likely too cool to express.


There they were, likely dressed all in black and knocking back spirits as dictated by Cool Musician Mandate circa 1973, when they realised their fancy headphones had been checked in with all their other gear. 


Flimsy headphones provided by the airline do not a rock band make.


“It was like a builder being asked to build a house with kid’s tools,” Joe said.


If only Joe had a pair of the Audiofly A56W wireless headphones, his band might have cracked the US market.




In hindsight, he would have said the size of these A56Ws means you can put them in your pocket or bag, knowing they won’t take up too much of that all too precious room when travelling. 


But the size of these babies certainly doesn’t compromise on their quality.


Audiofly is known more for its delivery of high end stage and recording headphones for serious musicians. Which means, of course, I walk the streets with the A56Ws in my ear as though I’m Joan Jett (especially if she were really into 70s folk).


Cred appeal aside, these are some seriously good headphones. The headphones fit snugly in my ears, do a great job blocking out background noise (usually the incessant ‘singing’ of a two year old), and make me feel as though I’m in the studio with the producer, listening to my favourite bands record their albums.


A remastered Tom Waits, through the A56Ws, is so crisp that each gravelly syllable is as clear as any Waits song could be, and if you Listen carefully enough you can almost hear the moment Jeff Tweedy goes more alt than country. The headphones were also used to listen for (or not listen for?) the secret rhythm in Radiohead’s Videotape — unsuccessfully, though this likely has more to do with me and not the headphones.


The verdict? These headphones are solid, yet compact and great for long wireless listening sessions (I got about five hours from a one hour charge).


So, if you’d like a pair, you can check them out at JB Hi-Fi, OR check out our competition page to WIN a pair with us!


* Names have been changed to protect the author from the fallout bound to follow the public airing of her real opinions of her mate’s band.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 1 February 2018

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