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Can Australians travel to the Philippines right now?

Philippines is located near the equator, by the pacific ocean consisting of about 7,640 islands and about 2000 of them are inhabited and forms an archipelago. The country has a long coastline with stunning beaches with visitors wholove the bustling cities which makes Philippines, the perfect place for adventures and fun. Unfortunately, foreigners cannot travel to Philippines, however there are few exemptions from the travel ban for some visitors. If you’re look for Philippines visa for Australian permanent residents, you must first check the requirements and find out if you can travel to the country. 

A good amount of measures has been put up by the government of Australia to manage the pandemic led by COVID-19 in the country. Citizens returning back to Australia from other countries is still challenging. We know this is a very traumatic experience for people in attempt to come home. We highly encourage everyone travelling to be prepared for disruptions and delays to your travel plan and have some patience throughout their journey due to the hassle.


Entry to Philippines

Although the government of Philippines has a travel ban, but still there are a few exclusions to the rules. Former nationals of the country arriving from other countries can also enter. 

Travellers to ensure that the entry requirements and rules are subjective, and can be changed by the government of Philippines during the pandemic at any short notices. 

Foreigners travelling to the country who fall in the category below might be exempted towards the travel restrictions.The category includes the following.

  • Foreign airline crew
  • Diplomatic passport or 9(E) visa
  • Merchant seamen with a 9(c) visa issued by the Philippines
  • Identification Certificate or Certificate if Reacquisition/Retention of Philippine Citizenship (CRPC) issued by the Philippines
  • Special Retiree Resident Visa (SRRV)
  • 9(A) visa plus endorsement document from the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Former nationals of the Philippines from selected nations
  • Vaccination certificate showing they were fully vaccinated in the Philippines at least 14 days before arrival
  • Visa issued by the Philippines

 According to the Australian Government, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members would be able to travel to Australia at this time.

The people who wish to travel to Philippines and believe that they fall in any of the above categories and can be exempted from the travel restrictions may apply for the process involved and must contact a Philippines consulate or embassy prior to travel arrangements. 


Visa for Philippines

The Philippines has briefly entry to outsiders. You should have an approved visa and as a travel exception before appearance or you will be rejected your further travels. Make sure that your visa is updated consistently. Inability to do as such may result in overstay charges and fine or confinement and extended deportation process. However, you should contact the Bureau of Immigration Philippines straightforwardly for advice in such a scenario. 

There is a prohibition on abroad travel from Australia. In case you're an Australian resident or permanent inhabitant, you can't exit Australia except if you get an exclusion to travel out or you're heading out to aplace that is not listedamong the banned destinations. On the other hand, foreign citizens can depart Australia whenever they wish to.


Things to Know

You must know the following before travelling to Philippines. 

  • A variety of COVID-19 measures are set up all across the Philippines. These can change routinely. 
  • On appearance you should finish a 'Case Investigation Form'. You'll go through self-subsidized COVID-19 testing. You should isolate for 14 days at an authorize facility/hotel. You should likewise show proof of pre-booked convenience at the migration counters on appearance. 
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Published: 14 November 2021

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