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Colour palettes of 18 popular destinations

Sovereign Luxury Travel used iconic locations to create a guide that displays the dominant colours that will greet you in a new country.

Travel gives you the opportunity to see new sights and stunning landscapes – but something we don’t always realise is how much the colours we discover can differ from one country to the next.




In a new study by bespoke holiday provider Sovereign, iconic images of a range of countries around the world have been broken down into their dominant colour palettes – whether that’s the vibrant reds and blues of the beaches and buildings of Mexico, the natural yellows, browns, and greens of Botswana’s plains, or the clear blues and whites of the architecture and seas among Greek islands.


Painting the Towns Red - The recognisable differences in colour palettes are owed to the unique combinations of each country’s architecture, natural surroundings and climate. Some of the palettes include:


1. Thailand– With bright cities and luscious landscapes, Thailand’s palette is a strong mix of different colours; it features everything from a bright cerulean to a strong scarlet and magenta.


2. South Africa – While plenty of South Africa is built up with cities, the vast panoramas of mountains and safari-worthy plains make the dominant colours a range of greens, from juniper to pear, and orangey browns, like tawny and cantaloupe.


3. Egypt – Hot and sandy, Egypt’s colouring testifies to the arid vistas around the pyramids and even in the sandstone-tinted cities, with burning burgundies and tan peanut browns.


4. India – While you might think India would have more in common with Egypt than South Africa, the sandy reds and browns sit alongside some vibrant shamrock greens, and the colourful interspersion of iris purples and Aegean blues among the greys that come with major cities.


5. Singapore – As both an island country and a city-state, much of Singapore is built up – and it’s a city of colour and light, meaning that while the day palette has primarily blues and greys, the nightscape of Singapore means there are gorgeous purples, pine greens, and rose reds.

“We believe that holidays should be unique to the individual, much in the same way that each holiday destination is unique to another,” Helen Adamson, Managing Director for Sovereign said.


“Whether travellers are looking to explore sweeping amber landscapes on a safari holiday, or simply relax in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, each destination has a distinctive colour palette that you may not even notice until it’s all laid out in front of you.


“Seeing the range of colours that predominantly make up a country’s palette can give an inspirational peak into both its culture and its environment.”


To see the palettes and find out about the sights to be seen in other countries, have a look at the Country Colourscapes here.


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Published: 11 February 2019

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