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Everything you need to know about Motorhomes

Did you know Motorhomes are categorised into four classes?

A motorhome is a vehicle that was designed to be a home-from-home. It often looks like a tiny house on wheels. Motorhomes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are simpler, while others can be decked out with as many luxuries as you want. 

Motorhomes can be categorized into four classes: Class A, Class B, Class B+, and Class C. These classes represent the different types of motorhomes and their qualities.

Class B+ is a popular choice amongst people who want to rent a motorhome. Over the years, more people have opted for this class. The motorhome class you choose greatly affects your entire trip because all the classes have unique features. The situation determines whether these features are pros or cons. In this article, you'll learn the different motorhome classes that will allow you to choose the best one.

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Class A

This class refers to larger motorhomes available. Class A motorhomes are typically larger than most motorhomes. There are only a few motorhomes that can compete with this class, such as "toterhomes," which are a type of motorhome that is big enough to tow and even carry another vehicle. A class A motorhome would be a great choice if space is what you value. These motorhomes have the largest square footage that you can find in a motorhome. The only exception to this is luxury custom-made motorhomes which come in a variety of sizes. Class A motorhomes can be about 29 to 45 feet long, allowing them to house six to eight people comfortably. The price of a class A motorhome often starts from $85,000, which is a lot for most people. If you don't want to buy one, you can simply rent one. Class A motorhomes offer several luxuries, especially when compared to other classes. They often come with full kitchens, bathrooms, and queen-sized mattresses in the main bedroom. This special class of motorhomes provides most of the features you would see in a small apartment. You can also add some unique custom features to make it more homely. Not everyone can manage a class A motorhome. Its size often creates a problem for drivers who have never driven a vehicle of that size. It also requires you to find parks and campgrounds that accept motorhomes of that size. Most parks and campgrounds tend only to accept smaller vehicles on their site. 

Class B

This next class of motorhomes refers to the small-sized ones. They are often called van campers because they resemble an oversized van. A class B motorhome is usually about 18 to 24 feet long, allowing it to house about four people comfortably. Motorhomes in this class have a starting price of about $50,000. Unlike class, A motorhomes, class B motorhomes are much easier to park. They also consume less fuel than class A motorhomes because of their smaller size. These features make class B motorhomes great for people who want to camp because they can easily find campsites that accept them. The cabin is a class B motorhome much smaller than that of class A and even class C motorhomes. Because of this, class B motorhomes are more affordable, especially in terms of maneuverability, parking, and fuel consumption. However, their small size also means they have a small luggage room and do not have the space you would see in most motorhomes. If you are traveling with a big family or large group of friends, this class of motorhomes may not be the right choice.

Class B+

As stated above, this class of motorhomes is becoming increasingly popular. They are similar to class B motorhomes in many ways, but they are typically slightly bigger and come with various luxuries. These motorhomes combine class B and C, creating a range of hybrid motorhomes that give travellers the best of both worlds. Because class B+ motorhomes are so similar to class B and C motorhomes, they are often difficult to spot. The bathroom in a class B+ motorhome is usually much bigger than the one in a class B motorhome. It also has a more oversized kitchen, sleeping area, and living area. You can also customize these places to make them even bigger. The starting price of a class B+ motorhome usually starts from about $50,000 to $65,000. Class B+ motorhomes are great for big families or friend groups because they offer more room than a class B motorhome.

Class C

The qualities of the motorhomes in this class place them somewhere between Class A and B motorhomes. They are larger than the motorhomes in class B but smaller than the motorhomes in class A. These motorhomes typically have an overhead cabin area that can be found above the driving area. This cabin can be used for storage or sleeping. The starting price of a class C motorhome is about $65,000. These motorhomes provide most, if not all, of the luxurious features that can be found in most class A motorhomes. They are great for couples or friend groups who want to take a road trip together. The motorhomes in this category are usually around 30 to 33 feet long, which allows them to house more than seven people comfortably. 

How Can You Choose the Right Motorhome?

Choosing a motorhome can be confusing, especially with the ever-growing list of options. There are so many motorhomes available today that it often feels overwhelming trying to choose one. When choosing a motorhome, be sure to choose one that suits all your travel needs. To do this, you need first to understand your priorities. Are you searching for comfort or driveability? This is an important question because when you know what you want, you can easily choose a motorhome that suits your needs. Remember to always thoroughly browse through the available motorhomes before choosing one. You can check out our selection of motorhomes here


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Published: 15 July 2022

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