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FRESH FACES: Amadeus’ Ramona Bohwongprasert

New Amadeus Senior VP of Retail in Travel Channels, Asia-Pacific, RAMONA BOHWONGPRASERT tells us where she’s been, where she’s going next, and the two small items she always carries with her.


Where is the last place you travelled?

I’ve only just returned from France


Where are you going next?

I’m really looking forward to checking out Vietnam as my next destination.


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels?

My iPhone & iWatch. I would be lost without them.

My phone contains all my contacts, emails, schedules and itinerary that run my life while I’m abroad. 

My watch has a similar function, but adds a health component, which is handy while travelling as it records steps, exercise, tells me to stand, move and, most of all, tells me when to breathe.


Why did you move to this role?

Asia Pacific is creating the future of retail travel. Travel and technology move fast here, and Amadeus has already made some great strides with retail travel agencies. Ultimately, I want to part of that success.


Tell us something people might not know about Amadeus?

Amadeus is a company that houses some of the most motivated and brightest minds in the industry.

We are also one company with a global mindset and a local presence wherever our customers need us.

We help connect over 1.5 billion people a year to local travel providers in over 190 countries.  


What’s the main thing people should know about Amadeus?

Amadeus moves with these changes. We have developed our technology in partnership with the travel industry for over 30 years.

We combine a deep understanding of how people travel with the ability to design and deliver the most complex, trusted, critical systems our customers need.  

Our purpose is to shape the future of travel. We are passionate in our pursuit of better technology that makes better journeys.

We are committed to using technology to help global travel have a positive impact on communities and grow sustainably around the world. 


What’s your top travel tip?

Take time to truly explore the places you visit. Really experience them. Last year I went to Ladakh in Kashmir, which is an amazing place.

What was great about it was that there was not much connectivity, meaning I was able to truly explore and experience what Ladakh had to offer.


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Written by: Ramona Bohwongprasert as told to Traveltalk
Published: 15 September 2019

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