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FRESH FACES: Cruise & Maritime Voyages‘ Darren Chigwidden

CMV’s new National Sales Manager DARREN CHIGWIDDEN has a great tip for travellers. And what does he try to bring along on every trip?


1- Where is the last place you’ve travelled?

We just got back from a family holiday in Robe (South Australia), a great seaside town with nice sandy beaches and a spectacular, rugged coastline.

2- Where are you going next? 

I’m off to New Zealand to meet up with one of our ships, Columbus, and our Kiwi travel partners. I’m looking forward to sailing on CMV’s flagship, visiting a couple of ports, and getting to know the crew.

3- Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take with you on your travels? 

I love to travel with my family and try to bring my wife and daughter along with me where possible. And, of course, I always take my surfboard.

4- Why did you move to CMV Australia? 

I’ve been following CMV for a while now, and there a number of things that I can see would be attractive to a cruise passenger. In my opinion, they have preserved the romance of cruising; the vessels have a classic look and feel as well as the ability to dock in a huge variety of destinations. In addition, the crew are second-to-none and have a real sense of pride and ownership. 

5- What’s the main thing people should know about the company? 

Cruise & Maritime Voyages offers affordable cruise holidays, ranging from short coastal cruises to traditional line voyages, providing compelling itineraries to suit all kinds of travellers.

6- What’s your top travel tip? 

Treat every destination as though it is the first and last time you will be there. Don’t be afraid to get lost, too; getting lost is just an opportunity to see more and meet new people.


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Written by: Darren Chigwidden as told to Mark Harada
Published: 22 January 2019

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